trending starbucks news what latte costs 30 countries infographic
Via: Thrillist
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The good people over at Thrillist have put together an awesome infographic of what a Starbucks Grande Latte costs in 30 different Countries.

According to the site, "*All prices were calculated using the US exchange rate on February 19th, 2016."

Looks like the folks at the Rio Olympics got a hell of a deal!

Via: ChoNunMigookSaram
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First our sticks, and now our coffee beverages. There is no stopping the #selfie.

YouTuber Megan Bowen lives in South Korea and vlogs regularly about the food, entertainment and culture of this interesting part of the world.

In her latest video, Megan takes viewers on a tour of a cafe that prints selfies on edible lattes. The cafe is called "CaFace," which is just almost too clever.

First the selfie...

And then it's time to destroy your face...

Never change, South Korea. Never change.

Pumpkin spice m&ms try to be your Starbucks replacement
Via: People
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Hey, we know it's still summer, but we have to talk about pumpkin spice.

In just a few short weeks, you will be able to stroll into your nearest Starbucks, wearing your recently un-closeted cardigan, and order as many pumpkin spice lattes that will fit into your gloved hands. Then you can grab pumpkin muffins, pumpkin chapstick and then some pumpkin-scented nose hair trimmers.

Well M&Ms want to join that seasonal trend and they've introduced a pumpkin spiced flavor of their own Aug. 26.

The announcement made people so skeptical that Snopes had to step in and verify that they were, in fact, real.

If you want them, however, People says that you can only find them at Target.

And for a limited time no less.