Much Needed Laughter of The Day: This Journalist Gave Paris Something to Smile About After Tragedy
Via: Kay Burley
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A tweet from a journalist covering the attacks in Paris last week brought some much needed laughter to a time of intense tragedy.

Kay Burley from Sky News sent this tweet out commenting on the sad expression of a dog in Paris.

The Internet was pretty amused at her comments, which were pretty ridiculous in nature. It's a dog, you guys.

So #SadnessInHisEyes was born.

Everyone needed a good laugh this week. Thanks, Kay.

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From the description:

Day 1: Father discovers bins with sensors that trigger when he walks by, laughs every time.
Day 2: Dad begins greeting bins as if they were loyal, eager dogs.
Day 3: Dad creates infinitely triggering bin cycle, laughs ass off.