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Public sex couple talks about it on a local news channel, for some strange reason.
Via: Gawker
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For whatever reason, a couple in Norfolk, VA decided to express their physical love in a public parking lot in broad daylight.

Kimberly Jackson, 36, was arrested for being drunk in public. Police found her boyfriend, Earl Palmer, unresponsive and passed out, so they took him to a hospital.


For whatever further reason, they decided to talk about it with the local news channel.

The results are pretty magnificent.

The best part of this whole weird affair is when the reporter asks whether something like this will happen again.

You've got to credit the guy for his honesty.

Protest Local News horses DMV - 7874093568
Via: Yahoo News
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A Virginia woman rode her horse to the DMV after her driver's license was wrongfully suspended. After submitting valid proof of insurance both through regular mail and email, the department of motor vehicles claimed they did not receive it and issued a suspension of Ashlee Owens' license. That's when she decided to pay the DMV a visit that created a scene reminiscent of 'the old west.'

After two hours, the DMV acknowledged their mistake and reissued Ashlee her license, allowing her to ride off into the sunset in triumph.