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Teen rap sensation (using "sensation" rather loosely), Krispy Kreme, made this very DIY video for his track, "The Baddest." With production that rivals Mannie Fresh, the song features quotable lines like "I got more money than Jay-Z, because Jay-Z is lazy." With rap punchlines like that, Krispy Kreme is surely serving up some hurts doughnuts.


Hamburger Surprise of the Day

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Toowomba, Australia mother of two Kylie Steger says her appetite was ruined when she found a "rude surprise" at the bottom of a burger box from fast food chain Hungry Jack's: a crude drawing of a penis.

The offensive doodle has put Steger off her weekly dinner visits to the restaurant, where she often took the kids after football and netball practice.

"It literally made me sick," she said. "If they have drawn that in there, what else have they done to my burger?"

A Hungry Jack's spokesman says the company has launched an internal investigation to determine the identity of the artist.

Jonah Hill's character from Superbad has not yet been ruled out as a suspect.


Too Cool For School of the Day

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Too Cool For School of the Day: Springs Academy in Sheffield has banned students from using slang and "text speak" while on school grounds.

The academy says its students, mostly children from working-class families, stand a better chance of landing a job later in life if they learn to be less reliant on slang phrases early on.

The policy appli

Hijacked Twitter Feed of the Day

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Hijacked Twitter Feed of the Day: Ashton Kutcher, who is currently at TED2011, just had his Twitter account hijacked by a fellow attendee who took advantage of Kutcher's total lack of security.

To be fair, what better place than TED, a technology-centric conference with a stated goal of disseminating "ideas worth spreading," to learn such a valuable lesson.


T-Shirt Design of the Day

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T-Shirt Design of the Day: ":)" by David Soames and Maxim Cyr.


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