Product Discrimination of the Day

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Sebastian Coe, Chairman of the London Olympics, issued a harsh warning for spectators attending the upcoming 2012 summer games. In an interview for BBC Radio, Coe cautioned that certain apparel would bar spectators from venue entry -- all in the name of protecting corporate sponsors. When asked if anyone wearing a Pepsi logo would be allowed into events, he replied with a short "No." When pushed for an explanation, Coe had this to say:

You probably wouldn't be walking in with a Pepsi T-shirt because Coca-Cola are our sponsors and they have put millions of pounds into this project, but also millions of pounds into grassroots sport. It is important to protect those sponsors.

He did say spectators "probably would be able to walk through with Nike trainers," although the Nike swoosh at Old Trafford Stadium in Manchester has been blocked out in preparation for soccer matches. Maybe his next move is to force Team USA Basketball to put tape over their Nike swooshes.


Olympic Sponsorship of the Day

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This is "just a taster of the mountain of weirdness we're dealing with pre-Olympics. 16 days to go…" reports The Times Opinion.

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Groundbreaking Olympian of the Day

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In a surprise last-minute decision, the South African Olympic committee and national track federation said today that double amputee Oscar Pistorius can run in both the individual 400 meters and the 4x400 relay at the London Olympics. Pistorius, who runs on carbon fiber blades, will be the first amputee track athlete to compete at any games.

"Today is truly one of the proudest days of my life," Pistorius said in an official statement. "I am so pleased that years of hard work, determination and sacrifice have all come together."

He took to Twitter after the news had a little time to sink in: "Still on cloud 9 but need to keep at what got me here so off to the Gym. Thank you all who shared today with me, I really appreciate it!"