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It's official. Ronda Rousey can't get any more lovable.

The UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion, Pokémon expert and all around badass just accepted a marine's invitation to attend the Marine Ball in December.

Lance Corporal Jarrod Haschert asked the fighter out last week in a video plea that has been viewed nearly five million times on Facebook.

"Yeah, I'll totally go," Rousey told TMZ , as she was cornered in a Whole Foods parking lot. "He needs to find dates for my girls and then we'll all go."

Your move, Haschert.

In other Ronda Rousey news, she made eating Carl's Jr. look like an Olympic sport.

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Jacqueline Keavney Lader and her husband, Don Lader, were in the Aurora, Colorado theater watching the midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises when alleged gunman James Holmes opened fire on the crowd. The couple, both active Marines, instantly recognized the threat when the first tear gas canister released, and ducked behind their row of seats.

Their harrowing account of the shooting is documented here, and it paints a vivid picture of the chaos and confusion of those precious minutes that early July morning. But in defiance of the incident, the Laders attended a full screening of the film only one day later, to help put their minds at ease and not let the actions of a "madman" control their lives.


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