Third Follow-up of the Day: Mega Millions

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Mirlande Wilson, of Baltimore, Md., claims she won $105 million in the March 30 Mega Millions drawing. Problem is, her co-workers say they bought the winning ticket together as part of the "office" pool.

Of course, this isn't the first time a lottery winner has been called into question. Just last month, The New York Times reported that a jury ordered a 2009 winner of $35 million to split his winnings with his co-workers after they alleged that his ticket was purchased with their contributions. Same sh*t, different lottery.

No word on how Wilson plans to settle her dispute. Wilson also has yet to produce the winning ticket.


Whoopsie Daisy of the Day

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Whoopsie Daisy of the Day: A man who told his co-workers he "wasn't feeling lucky" enough to play the Mega Millions with them had no idea how right he was: The Albany IT worker ended up missing out on his share of the $319 million jackpot his officemates collected in last week's drawing.

"They asked him twice," Jill Cook, co-owner of a deli the winners frequent, told the New York Po