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Via: Outdoor Research
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So GQ recently did an article showcasing Fall clothing as a backdrop to male climbers in Joshua Tree National Park:

Well, Outdoor Research didn't like how the women in the story were only portrayed as accessories to the climbers, frolicking in tiny bathing suits and adorning the men as stereotypes.

So they took it upon themselves to answer GQ's article, picture-by-picture using bad*ss women climbers:

Read the original GQ article here, and OutdoorResearch's awesome feminist response article here.

OutdoorResearch, you have one more fan right here.


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Stereotype-Challenging Study of the Day: A British study billed as "the most comprehensive ever conducted on gender driving differences" has concluded that women are better at parking cars than men.

The study, which relied on surveillence camera footage of over 2,500 drivers across 700 parking garages, was devised by professional drivi

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