image miracle tacos Dude Who Woke From a Coma Asking for Taco Bell Finally Gets Taco Bell
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Jake Booth was in a coma for 47 days and when he finally woke up he asked for one thing: Taco Bell. For a while that couldn't happen because he had a tracheotomy but now he can eat all the Taco Bell he wants. Jake's family set up a GoFundMe campaign to help pay for the costs of his ongoing recovery. 

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Sparky doesn't give a f*ck about you and your lightning bolts Zeus.

Everything about this is epic. This outrageously lucky bison from Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge in Iowa survived being struck by lightning in 2013.

At this point we're unclear whether or not Sparky's spar with the afterlife bestowed him any supernatural gifts, but seriously, stay tuned.

Toddler gets his head reattached after being decapitated internally.
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Sweet mother of mercy.

A toddler is resting comfortably after having to go through a very harrowing experience. A violent car crash separated his first two vertebrae from his skull causing an extreme medical emergency.

The Sun reported it first:

Jackson Taylor, 16-months-old, was in the car with his mum and sister when they collided head on with another vehicle at around 70mph.

The force of the crash was so bad that Jackson's head pulled apart from his neck, in what's known as an internal decapitation.

Spinal surgeon Dr Geoff Askin said: "A lot of children wouldn't survive that injury in the first place, and if they did and they were resuscitated then they may never move or breathe again."

But after a gruelling six hour surgery, Dr Askin and his team of expert surgeons managed to reattach his vertebrae, using a tiny piece of wire and a piece of Jackson's rib to graft them back together.

Fortunately, the operation was a success and Taylor is recuperating nicely.

There's a nice video showing the happy baby, healing well.

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