Facepalm of the Day: Sony Wants to Make an Emoji Movie

Sony will try to make an emoji movie
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Were you getting bored of all these movies based on 1980s board games and thinking 'I wish they'd make a film out of something less cinematic"? Well someone has heard your dumb prayer.

Deadline is reporting that an emoji movie is already moving forward and has a writer and director.

In a deal near seven figures, Sony Pictures Animation won a three-studio auction for an animated movie pitch centering on the Emoji, those lovable round headed figures that are as much a staple of social media correspondence as adverbs and adjectives. The project will be co-written by Eric Siegel and Anthony Leondis, with the latter directing the feature.

This move came as a result of a three studio (yes, three studio) bidding war.

Apparently, Leondis shopped the project around because he had finally cracked the code on what would make the most compelling movie out of slightly more fully-formed emoticons.

They just have to be reactions to things right? Or will it animate those faces or that guy with his head down:

Wired had a pretty good explanation for why you don't make an emoji movie:

Remake of the Day: ‘Indiana Bones’ is the Cutest Treasure Hunter Ever

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Zach King, aka Final Cut King, is a master at Vine magic and visual trickery.

His latest trick: a remake of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” using only 3 rolls of duct tape, 108 glue sticks, 18 large boxes of cardboard and two very adorable little fur balls.

So this is what happens when you leave your dog home alone…

Fail of the Day: Kirk Cameron’s ‘Saving Christmas’ is Now The Worst Movie on IMDB

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It's Fox News' annual "War on Christmas," and former "Growing Pains" star turned messenger of God Kirk Cameron is fighting the good fight with a terrible new movie.

"Saving Christmas" was released in theaters November 14, and so far it's doing one thing really well - failing.

The movie currently has a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and on IMDB's "Bottom 100" list, the film is number one - right next to "Birdemic: Shock and Terror."

According to description on its website, the movie is summarized as such:

"An engaging story that provides a biblical basis for our time-honored traditions and celebrations, and the inspiration to stand strongly against a culture that wants to trivialize and eliminate the faith elements of this holy season."

It is being called "The Room of Christmas movies". "Jezebel" says it is "another reason to kill Christmas." And the "Chicago Sun-Times" says "this may be one of the least artful holiday films ever made. Even devout born-again Christians will find this hard to stomach."

Despite the harsh reviews, Cameron attempted to save his own movie by begging people on Facebook to upvote the disaster on Rotten Tomatoes. he said it worked temporarily with the score rising to 94%, but soon the plan backfired and the rest of the Internet dragged it back down adding a whole new onslaught of hilariously bad reviews to rub it in.

007 News of the Day: Next Bond Film Called ‘Spectre,’ Stars Andrew Scott & Christoph Waltz

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New details about the latest Bond film were announced on Thursday at a press event, including the title, the car, and the cast.

"Spectre," which is is expected to hit theaters November 2015, will be directed by Sam Mendes. Daniel Craig will return as James Bond, and the new Bond car will be an Aston Martin DB10.

But most importantly… fans of "Sherlock" will collectively squeal knowing that Andrew Scott (Moriarty) is joining the cast as a character named "Denbigh" and, as was rumored, Christoph Waltz is on board as "Oberhauser."

SPECTRE (Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion) is a terrorist agency featured in the series led by Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Its first appearance in the Bond films was "Dr. No" in 1962.

So which - if any - of these folks is Blofeld? Guess we'll have to wait until next year to find out.

Montage of the Day: The 25 Best Films of 2014

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It's that time of the year again, when we look back to reflect on our accomplishments and shove everything into a list!

There will be many over the next month, but David Ehrlich's "Best 25 Films of 2014" video is one that you should definitely watch.

The LWLies editor-at-large and former editor of Film.com artistically stitched together footage and music from some of his favorites this year.

Here's his top 5 so you get a sense of his taste:

  1. The Grand Budapest Hotel

  2. Inherent Vice

  3. Under The Skin

  4. Nymphomaniac

  5. Gone Girl

Movie Trailer of the Day: First Look at 'Pitch Perfect 2'

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Oh look, it's David Cross as a wealthy a capella aficionado hosting a "riff off" in his mansion.

The first trailer for the sequel to the 2012 hit comedy "Pitch Perfect" starring Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson was released Thursday.

Elizabeth Banks, who also appears in the movie, is directing the film this time around, and aside from what the you can see in the trailer, EW has more details on what else you can expect.

It's scheduled for release on May 15, 2015.

Trailer of the Day: First Look at ‘Peanuts’ Movie

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Good grief, Charlie Brown has gone CGI.

"Peanuts" is being produced and co-written by Charles Shultz's son, Craig Schulz, so hopefully they won't mess with the original cartoon too much.

The plot according to USA Today:

"The story follows the little round-headed boy with the indomitable optimism on a quest to get something he's sure he needs, even though he discovers he's pretty OK just as he is."

The film is scheduled to premiere November 6th, 2015, marking the 65th anniversary of the comic.