Music Video of the Day: Cee Lo Green Uses Google to Make Us Sad Over Robin Williams Again

Cee Lo Green's new video uses Google to talk about Robin Williams.
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Don't bother Googling for Cee Lo Green's new single. He did all that work for you.

The longtime singer/rapper/the Voice judge released his newest single off this fall's upcoming record Heart Blanche July 17 through an innovative video over at Mashable.

The song, entitled Robin Williams, is an infectious tune filled with beat boxing and slight melancholy, wherein Green invites you to "laugh the pain away."

What makes the video so interesting is that ever lyric, including the "ooh"s, gets plugged into Google, showing the instant results.

If only we all had Internet connections that fast...

It's been three years since Cee Lo Green released his 2012 Christmas album Magic Moment and he's been under fire for a police investigation and questionable things he said about sexual assault.

His previous album Lady Killer (terrible title for someone under investigation for assault...) built some great music on top of classic Motown arrangements.

If Robin Williams is any indication, his next album might just hit those heights as well.

Here's the full video:

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After losing a fantasy football bet (or so he says), Chuck Jose was forced to re-enact Sia's video for "Chandelier" in its entirety and in costume.

It's hard to imagine anything better than Jimmy Kimmel's attempt earlier this year, but Chuck's got all the moves down pretty well.

WTF Video of the Day: Crazy Chinese Chicken Music Video is Crazy

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Well, here's your new "What Does the Fox Say."

Singer Wang Rong Rollin's video for "Chick, Chick" involves chickens and women dressed up like chickens. And most of the lyrics are just animal sounds.

What more could you ask for in an insane video from China?

Star Wars Parody of the Day: All About That Base, No Rebels

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Watch out "Jedi bitches." The Dark Side has never been sexier.

Nerdist is out with a new Star Wars parody of the hit song by Meghan Trainor, "All About That Bass" featuring Team Unicorn, Darth Vader cheerleading outfits and dancing storm troopers.

What more could you want, besides maybe a Jedi response via Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda?"

For another sci-fi parody of this song, check out this 'All About That Space' video.

Viral Again: David Bowie Permits Space Oddity Cover’s Return to YouTube

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Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield recorded a cover of David Bowie's "Space Oddity" from space aboard the International Space Station- which is pretty much the coolest thing ever. But the video, which was recorded back in 2013, was only allowed to exist on YouTube for a year, according to an agreement with Bowie.

Fortunately, the two have worked things out and the video has now made it's way back online.

Hadfield described this situation in a post on his website, and included an explanation for recording it in the first place:

"It was a chance to let people see where we truly are in space exploration. We're not just probing what lies beyond Earth - we inhabit it."

Prior to its removal, the video had picked up more than 23 million views.

Music Video of the Day: OK Go’s New Music Video Features Drones, Motorized Unicycles

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OK Go is back with a new video for their single "I Won't Let You Down," and it's as over the top as you might expect.

Always seemingly trying to one-up themselves, their latest masterpiece is shot via drone, and follows the guys on robotic unicycles as they partake in a massive, synchronized umbrella dance.

Music Video of the Day: Pharrell Williams Goes Anime in His New Video for "It Girl"

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Last year Pharrell even teamed up with Hatsune Miku with this remix:

Who knew Pharrell was so into anime and lolis?