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America, we’re losing. We never win anymore. Look at New Zealand who just invented the chocolate manicure. They’re innovating. We never innovate anymore.

What do we have? Apple Computers? What have they ever done? Apple Watch? How long did that take? Bustle is reporting that a YouTuber named Jessie aka NaileditNZ, out of the blue, went a “wee bit crazy,” and made edible nails. All it took was a tube of squeezable icing and some silver balls.

via naileditnz

When was the last time America has done anything this chill? Maybe never. Sure, we’ve been to the moon, but that was, like, forever ago.

And Jessie is so nonchalant about this. After spending a little while on the project, she decides that it isn’t worth it to let them set and decides to eat the nails, which she describes as tasting “good.” It’s like she didn’t even car that much about this massive innovation.

Come on. That is so green, too. So Jessie is making nails that are fashionable, edible, and reduces our carbon footprint.

What’s America doing? Losing. Shame.

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fashion apps App of the Day: Now You Can Use Technology to Match Your Nails to the World Around You
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A new app is makes it possible search for a nail polish to match anything you can take a picture of. 

When you find the nail polish you were looking for, you can favorite it or even buy it.