Isis nutella names Nutella Refused to Customize a Jar of Nutella for a Little Girl Named Isis
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ISIS has come to be known as a terrorist group but before that Isis was an Egyptian goddess who brought her brother/husband Osiris back to life after he was murdered. It's also the name of a five-year-old Australian girl who really wants her name on a jar of Nutella. 

The company Ferrero Australia started a campaign called “Make Me Yours” which allowed people to add their names to jars of Nutella. Allowing the internet to brand your product went predictably wrong.  Department stores, such as the Meyer Isis's mom tried to buy from, are unable to print everything submitted. It might have something to do with gems like this one:

via @JayBattestelli

For the mom of this little girl, being denied a personalized jar of sweet, hazelnut chocolate spread is the last straw in a long line of unforseen consequences cause by the unfortunate name.  She told the Sydney Morning Herald, "I am starting to get to the point where I don't want to call her name out because she's going to start noticing people looking."

Now she's on a mission to reclaim the name. 

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Is your name Elizabeth Gallagher? Do you live in Canada? No plans for Christmas?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then you could win a free trip around the world with this guy.

Toronto resident and recently eligible bachelor, Jordan Axani, decided that since he couldn't change the name on the tickets originally booked for his ex-girlfriend, so he would reach out on Reddit to anyone with the same name and offer it to her instead.

Here are the details of the trip from his Reddit post, just in case you aren't entire ready to spend several intimate weeks abroad with a complete stranger.

Some ground rules:

I am not looking for anything in return. I am not looking for companionship, romance, drugs, a trade, or to take selfies with you in front the Christmas Market in Prague. If you feel compelled to toss me a couple hundred bucks, great. Really the only thing I ask for is that you enjoy this trip and that it bring you happiness.

We can travel together and see some cool stuff - or not. I'm easy and have no problem with someone taking the tickets and doing their own thing (see ya on the plane!). Embracing the spontaneity of life is more my thing, though, so if you want to travel together (and are not an axe murder) I'm likely game.

This is for the flights only. In the wake of the breakup I have deferred all further planning for the trip. No hotels, trains or anything have been booked. You're on your own, bucko. Having said that, I will buy the first round of vino at JFK upon departure.

We can totally stay in India a couple days longer. Long story, but if we can come to agreement the airline can push back the return flight on both tickets (it's both or nothin') with no charge.

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Make sure to turn on the English captions.

In most east Asian households married people rarely refer to each other by their actual names. Instead they use designations for the role in the family. This is why it is so strange when each woman hears their name.

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