Remembrance of the Day: New Zealand High Schoolers Honor a Beloved Teacher with a Maori War Cry Dance

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Students in an all-boys New Zealand were stricken by the death of their teacher Dawson Tamatea July 26 and offered up a haka as a sign of respect in front of the approaching hearse.

The school's YouTube page credits their students with honoring the teacher.

The entire school performing the Haka during the arrival of Mr. Tamatea in the hearse. This was a very emotional and powerful performance. We are extremely proud of our boys' performance and we know that Mr Tamatea would be too.

The Manawatu Standard provided some context behind the emotive display.

The long-time Palmerston North Boys' High teacher died in his sleep, from what is understood to be natural causes, on Sunday night.

Boys' High rector David Bovey, who described Tamatea as a "top bloke", said he would be sorely missed and had left a hole in the school.

A man with "a lot of mana", Tamatea, 55, spent 30 years as a teacher at Boys' High, Bovey said.

Tamatea started working as a math and physical education teacher at the school in 1986.

A Haka is a traditional war cry dance of the New Zealand Maori people, but it can also be used to recognize achievements or to give respect.

WTF of the Day: Guy Sticks Hand in Lawnmower Amid New Zealand’s ‘Silly Season’

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Meanwhile in New Zealand… it’s “silly season,” the summer months when people are doing a lot of drinking and celebrating.

Apparently they are also doing some pretty stupid stuff.

The NZ Herald recently spoke with a patient flow co-ordinator at Middlemore Hospital in Auckland, and learned about all the dumb accidents they have been seeing lately.

For instance, a man was mowing his lawn when the blades got stuck on sticks and grass. He tried to remove the debris with his hand, and the blade shattered his bones. (He didn’t lose his fingers.)

Among other incidents they have seen are people sticking their tongues in blenders, smashing windows to break into their own homes, chopping their fingers when trying to cut frozen hamburger patties, and a number of chainsaw-related accidents.

“Summer is a time where we get a lot of sporting injuries, but we’ve also got lots of injuries that happen because people don’t engage their minds,” the hospital said.

Catcall Video of the Day: New Zealand is Not Like New York

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We've already seen what it's like to walk around the city for 10 hours as a woman, a white man, a Jew and even a scantily-clad woman in Skyrim (the dragons are THE WORST).

The latest video in the trend comes from New Zealand, where model Nicola Simpson takes a similar stroll through the streets of Auckland.

The experience is very different from the original. A lot of head turns, and one guy who actually chases her down to chat.

Viral Video of the Day: Air New Zealand Has a New In-Flight Safety Video, and It's Even More "Hobbit" Than the Last

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A New Zealand Man Lost a Drunken Poker Bet to His Friends and Had to Legally Change His Name

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The 22-year-old man from Dunedin, New Zealand lost a poker bet with his friends. The punishment? Change his name. According to his friends though, they didn't think he'd actually do it.

He did.

The bet actually happened in 2010 as did the legal name change, but the man only found out about it when he had to renew his passport recently. When he received his new passport, there was his new name, in all it's legal glory:

Full Metal Havok More Sexy N Intelligent Than Spock And All The Superheroes Combined With Frostnova.

Mr. Frostnova is now the most recent entry into a long list of strange name submissions that have appeared in New Zealand's official registry. Other names include Majesty, King, Knight, Princess, Justice, Anal, V8, 89, Mafia No Fear, Lucifer, full stop and *. Yep, just a simple asterisk as a first name.

What's with the Diablo II, you ask? Well, that would be a sorceress casting none other than her level 6 spell, Frost Nova.

Experiment of the Day

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Three rescue dogs in New Zealand are learning how to drive a car, thanks to the joint efforts by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Mini Cooper and Ikon Engineering. According to the head driving coach Mark Vette, the dogs spent a few weeks to learn the basics of operating a vehicle, such as starting a car, accelerating and facing forward with their paws on the steering wheels, which will be showcased during an upcoming episode of the New Zealand current affairs program Campbell Live on December 10. For more footage, check out the video!

New Zealand's Giant Airport Gollum of the Day

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The Wellington airport just got a lot more precious. What's next, New Zealand? Peter Jackson for Prime Minister?