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I don’t know art, but I know what I like, and I like this painting pig.

Freed from a life of factory farming, Pigcasso is using her paint brush to express an abstract message of animal liberation. Pigcasso resides on Farm Sanctuary SA, a South African branch of the animal rescue, where she enjoys the finer things: Eating, sleeping, and painting.

via Quiet Peggy

Easily better than anything my hands have ever put to canvas, Pigcasso’s works are colorful, bizarre, and a real joy to watch being made. This is almost as fun as that skateboarding dog, Spuds Mackenzie. Almost.

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trending news high school seniors painting parking spot art
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In a new trend, High School Seniors are Tweeting about their painted parking spaces. With designs from pop culture, to motivational messages, to favorite sports teams, this is a trend we wished were around when we were in high school! Check out the awesome skills representin' below:

With all this awesomeness, we hope there are a lot more Mr. Nourses out there.

Happy Trees of The Day: Twitch is Streaming Every 'Joy of Painting' Episode For Bob Ross' Birthday
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Some trees are going to be very happy over the next week.

To launch a new creative channel, and honor painter Bob Ross' birthday, Twitch is broadcasting all 403 episodes of The Joy of Painting.

Watch live video from undefined on

Ross, known for his soothing voice and happy little afro, has become a pop culture icon on the Internet since his death in 1995.

Twitch Creative is partnering with Adobe to launch a creative channel that will feature artists.

Because this is Twitch, the comment section moves so fast you can barely read anything.

Have fun for the next 8 1/2 days!

A kid fell on a $1.5 million painting in Taiwan.
Via: The Telegraph
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This kid may love art, but he doesn't have to use it as a crutch.

Some poor, uncoordinated tween lost his balance and unfortunately found it again in a 350-year-old painting in Taiwain.

Even more unfortunately for him, they released the surveillance footage of this clumsy person, struggling with the awkwardness of his growing body.

The Telegraph gives more details:

The 12-year-old lost his footing next to the 17th century Paolo Porpora oil painting called Flowers, valued at $1.5 million (£950,000), at a Leonardo da Vinci show at Huashan 1914 Creative Park in Taipei on Sunday.

He lost his balance, stumbled over the safety rope and pressed a can of soda into the painting to steady himself in the security footage released by the exhibition organisers.

Andrea Rossi, the exhibition curator, said the boy seemed "nervous" and asked that he not be blamed for the damage. The family will not be asked to pay the restoration costs.

They did confirm with a local news source that the painting is insured and this kid's ensuing teenage years will not have to further suffer under the weight of crushing debt, leaning on him as he did that work of art.

This is what the painting looked like pre-kid:

And here's the hole he made:

Here are some museum experts trying to assess the damage done.

We're sorry to say it, kid. But this will not be the last inelegant thing to happen to you in adolescence.

classic art,modern art,painting
Via: Thomas Robson
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Thomas Robson's Defacement exhibit gives classical art pieces a modern flare.

Via: Gregory Thielker
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Under the Unminding Sky series Oil on linen, Gregory Thielker

Photorealism of the Day is a feature series showcasing notable paintings and illustrations that appear to be photographic.

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