the daily show with trevor noah explains president donald trump conflicts of interest
Via: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
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President-Elect Donald Trump, the billionaire reality-TV gameshow host who won the presidency in November, is a busy guy. Between tweeting that citizens should be jailed for exercising free speech and trying on new hats, he’s also a wheelin’ and dealin’ business man.

Over the past few weeks, you might have heard something about a few of Trump’s “conflicts of interest,” i.e. he’s not supposed to be doing Trump business stuff while he’s doing Trump president stuff because the constitution. When it comes to things like this, it can be hard to follow due to the fact that business is boring. Thankfully, we have The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, who put together this awesome segment explaining Trump’s conflicts of interest.

Check it out and enjoy the next four years, America!

Via: Last Week Tonight
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While most of the media was convinced that Trump could never be elected president, John Oliver was on TV telling us not to let that happen. Most listened, as Hillary Clinton went on to win the popular vote, but still here we are.

Last night Last Week Tonight, John Oliver devoted his show to looking back at what enabled Trump’s victory, such as the media, social media, and the spread of fiction posing as fact, and what we should do next.

All half hour of the Last Week Tonight's season finale is now available on YouTube. Come for his election coverage, stay for his tribute to this terrible, terrible year.

googling how to impeach a president surges
Via: Cheezbuger
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As the numbers continue to pour in, and it becomes clear that more people in America wanted Hillary Clinton to be president than wanted Donald Trump to be, those who voted with a majority of America are trying to expedite the president elect’s removal. But they aren’t turning law books, they’re turning to Google. Not Bing. Not Ask Jeeves. Google. Because when you need to find out how to impeach a president, accept no substitutes.

via Wiffle Gif

According to Metro, searches for “how to impeach a president” have surged by almost 5,000 percent (4,850 percent, to be exact). Meanwhile, online petitions to impeach Trump have begun to spring up and have received thousands of signatures, including one that has collected 13,322 names.

So it’s clear, this is a subject of major public interest, but what do the experts say? Well, thanks to Trump University, the public might have a case.

The Daily Mail reports:

“University of Utah Law professor Christopher Peterson said he found evidence to charge Trump with fraud and racketeering — felonies within state and federal law.

“'In the United States, it is illegal for businesses to use false statements to convince consumers to purchase their services,' Mr Peterson said. 'The evidence indicates that Trump University used a systemic pattern of fraudulent representations to trick thousands of families into investing in a program that can be argued was a sham.’

'Fraud and racketeering are serious crimes that legally rise to the level of impeachable acts.’”

Can you impeach a president before they take the oath? I'm asking for a friend.

— deray mckesson (@deray) November 9, 2016

 Tell your friend: Maybe.

izod made ken bone a twitter emoji for the election
Via: @kenbone18
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So it’s come to this: Ken Bone is now an emoji.

I suppose we have no one to blame but ourselves. After all, as soon as he popped his mustachioed face onto our TV screens during the second presidential debate, we were hooked. We wanted to be Ken Bone. We wanted to idolize Ken Bone. We wanted to turn Ken Bone into a sexy Halloween costume. We wanted to search out Ken Bone’s sketchy history on Reddit. We got our wish.


All of that was leading to this moment. Izod, the official sponsor of Ken Bone, has made the infamous undecided voter a Twitter emoji. With his squared off glasses, brisling facial hair, and signature, red Izod sweater, Ken Bone was born to be an emoji, and now he is one. Forever etched into the history books, the name "Ken Bone" has a symbol that future generations will ponder over, study, and perhaps worship just as we have. Simply use the hashtag #MyVote2016 on Twitter, and he'll appear, watching, protecting, tagging.

In the end, maybe this is where things were always heading. Andy Warhol famously said that in the future everyone would have their 15 minutes of fame, but maybe what he really meant was everyone would have their own emoji. Just look at him, staring back at you, asking a seemingly innocent question about clean energy. What does he look like? Does he resemble all of us, perhaps?

If you stare long enough at the Ken Bone emoji, the Ken Bone emoji stares back.

Frankly, I’m just a little dizzy from the whole thing. Reach out if you even know what’s going on anymore.

Need more Ken Bone, and I know you do, check out his interview on Know Your Meme

Hillary Clinton Jon Bon Jovi Shut Down The Mannequin Challenge Election Day
Via: @HillaryClinton
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Is there a more time-honored American tradition than the Mannequin Challenge? Probably not. When our forefathers came forth to this great country and beheld its many spoils, they knew that this land was made for you and me to stand still for a short period of time and pretend we were statues.

Lots of celebrities have been getting in on the Mannequin Challenge the past few days. There was even a Destiny’s Child reunion thanks to it. But there’s one entry that really packed a punch. Aboard her campaign plane (cam-plane?), presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her staff, which includes former President Bill Clinton and hard-rocker Jon Bon Jovi, delivered a Mannequin Challenge as a last-minute bid for the presidency in this 57-second clip. The message is clear: “Don’t stand still. Vote today.” It’s just as our forefathers intended.


Via: Nerdwriter1
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What does it take to get you to vote? Is it civic duty? A profound belief in a candidate? Fear of another candidate?

For almost half the American population, none of these things matter because they don’t vote. In fact, only about 56 percent of Americans voted in 2008. There are no numbers on this, but it’s entirely reasonable to think that maybe more people say “Thanks, Obama” than voted for him.

So what does it take? Money? Would you like money out of a candidate's pocket? Well, that’s not gonna happen, buddy! This is America! We don’t pay for votes here, so take it some place else.

But what about those celebrity videos? Can Stanley Tucci get you to vote? 

via Save the Day

Sorry, Tucc. No. Celebrity videos where they guilt you into voting don’t work because they depend on the old theory of “rational self-interest,” i.e. the idea that people will vote based on heavily-reinforced social norms. People don’t operate based on “rational self interest,” do they? People say that they’re going to vote but, in many cases, don’t actually do it.  

Over on YouTube, The Nerdwriter found something that just might work: shame. That’s right, if shamed into it, people will vote. He offers some different methods for implementing the age-old practice of shame, like a thing on Facebook that says “I Voted” or, the Scarlett Letter of the digital age, “I Didn’t Vote.”

via Hardware Zone

Check out the video for some more facts about voter turnout. You will sound so smart next time the topic comes up if you do.

Via: Full Frontal with Samantha Bee
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Election Day is a week away, which means that our long-national nightmare, i.e. this election, is almost over. That also means that we have about three months left of the Obama Presidency.  

In one of her famed Presidential exit interviews, a tradition since 2016, Samantha Bee, the host of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, sat down with the President. The two covered a lot of ground in this short interview, discussing the election, Obama's Halloween costume, voting, and what he'll be doing after he leaves office. 

However, we are a little concerned about one part of the interview, when Obama said, "I would hope that you'd be willing to take about the same amount of time you spend looking through cat videos on your phone to make sure the democracy's working."

Please don't take that as invitation to stop looking at cat videos on your phone altogether. We'll still be here when you get back from checking in on the democracy next week.

And now back to your regularly scheduled cat video:

via @Cole and Marmalade