Photo of the Day: Dad Hilariously Photobombs Daughter's Homecoming Photos
Via: BuzzFeed
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This is quite possibly the dad joke of the century.

Ricarra and her boyfriend thought they were just going to have a normal homecoming, but the teen's ~goofy~ dad had another idea.

Sharee Schock, a photographer in Wisconsin, was taking her daughter's homecoming photos when dad Benjamin decided to go in for the photobomb.

Mom posted the photo on Facebook, because moms. And it has been shared over 3 million times.

Thanks, mom and dad. We're sure these teens just love this.

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One guy from Connecticut has taken the “promposal” to new heights, literally.

High school students across the country have been coming up with creative ways of asking their dates to prom.

We’ve seen a guy stupidly pretend to be a suicide bomber and one kid who made a girl cry after she made fun of his elaborate road signs.

Eddie Staten wanted to do something extreme as well, and so he decided to express his love for his girlfriend by leaping out of a plane.

In the video, Staten holds up a sign that just reads “Talia, Prom?” It’s short, sweet and to the point, but apparently that was not enough.

The rest of the clip shows him skydiving with an instructor from a company called Skydive Danielson, who encourages his girlfriend to go with him.

“I hope she says yes,” Staten says while falling.

She did, according to NBC.

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