Jackie Chan Quitting Action Movies of the Day

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For decades, Jackie Chan's been rapidly kicking, jumping out of trees, and breaking every bone in his body to entertain audiences. Now, Chan says that his Buster Keaton-inspired kung fu days are over. While promoting his new movie, Chinese Zodiac, Chan said, "I want to be an Asian Robert DeNiro," claiming that he was "too old" to continue doing action films. As he's 58, he should be granted that wish.

Before smirking commences, Chan has taken on a smattering of dramatic roles in the past, going as far back as the first Police Story movie and as recently as 2009's crime drama, Shinjuku Incident.


No One is Allowed to Have Opinions of the Day

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Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health & Human Services, gave the commencement speech at Georgetown University's Public Policy Institute on Friday, only to be heckled as she was addressing the graduates, then met with anti-contraceptive protesters outside the building. In terms of the public disagreement over birth control, Sebelius offered the following:

These debates can be contentious. But this is a strength of our country, not a weakness. In some countries around the world, it is much easier to make policy. The leader delivers an edict and it goes into effect. There's no debate, no press, no criticism, no second-guessing.

She was probably called a "commie" for trying to say that it's easier for other countries to write and pass policies. Still, bravo for politely calling people out on ruining a graduation ceremony because they have a problem with common sense.


Fake Twitter of the Day

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Zooey Deschanel's Siri ad continues to draw the ire of people everywhere who are tired of her "trying-to-be-cute-by-trying-to-be-a-moron-but-it's-all-set-to-acoustic-guitars-so-it's-okay" aesthetic. Some brilliant mind out there created a Zooey Asks Siri Twitter that features probable questions that the Queen of Twee would ask her iPhone. Such gems include:

  • Siri, can you recycle dust bunnies?
  • Siri, make a note: "I mean, how much basil does tomato soup need, am I right? It's like, what am I, a basil monster?"
  • Siri, make a mote [sic]: "Boobs are kind of weird, you know? They're like, bags of jiggly tofu under your skin."

Deschanel has yet to comment, though HelloGiggles will probably do a mock "Siri Asks Zooey" blog post in which they defend their Queen/co-founder from the meanies of the Internets.


Congressional Quarrel of the Day

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A few days ago, the GOP-led House passed a military budget with a hefty $642 billion price tag -- $8 billion more than what President Obama and the Pentagon had agreed on with Congress. With the defense budget skyrocketing, cuts are coming from other programs, most notably government-subsidized food stamps.

Chat Allen, a mother of three who works only part-time, offered this insight:

They have so much money that maybe they can tighten their belts and not live as luxuriously as they live. They've earned it, but there are people who are hungry and who dig in the trash every day just to get something to eat.

This certainly isn't polishing the GOP's image. The budget has been met with less-than-enthusiastic responses in the Democrat-led Senate, which likely will try to reallocate those funds back to public works.


RIP: Donald "Duck" Dunn, at 70

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Soul fans are mourning today as Donald "Duck" Dunn, a staple of the southern soul scene passed away at the age of 70.

Dunn was most notably the bassist in Booker T & the M.G.'s, as well as a highly regarded session player for Stax Records. During his time as a session bassist, Dunn played on recordings by Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Tom Petty, and the Blues Brothers. He also appeared in The Blues Brothers film.

Dunn leaves behind a legacy that's still echoed in today's contemporary music, reflected in acts as diverse as Lucero and Ludacris.


Say What Now of the Day

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Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ken), scion of presidential hopeful and idealistic college student darling, Ron Paul, was quoted as saying that he didn't think President Obama's views on same-sex marriage "could get any gayer."

Paul said this during an event sponsored by Iowa's Faith and Freedom Collation to laughs, because nothing says "freedom" in America than to smack talk someone's opinion about gay marriage.


Mother's Day History Lesson of the Day

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According to this post on Bloomberg, Anna M. Jarvis, the founder of Mother's Day, wouldn't be too happy with the way that the holiday is commercialized these days.

The holiday has its roots in the early 1900s, beginning as Mother's Friendship Day, an act to bring together mothers from opposite sides of the Civil War. Later, after corporate America had began to market it, Jarvis addressed businesses, "You are using a beautiful idea as a means of profiteering. As the founder of Mother's Day, I demand that it cease."

With that tone, she had essentially swung a wooden spoon towards the collective backsides of corporations.