Legal Action Against Cops Bill of the Day

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Connecticut recently passed a bill that would allow people to sue police officers who arrest them for recording in public. This is the first act of legislation in the US of this nature to pass the senate. SB 245 was introduced by state Senator Eric Coleman and now goes to Connecticut's House for approval.


Lawmakers Fight for Equality Story of the Day

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Two members of congress, Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) and Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), have come out pondering whether the Secret Service prostitution scandal would have happened if more women were part of the agency.

"I can't help but keep asking this question, where are the women? We probably need to diversify the Secret Service and have more minorities and more women," said Rep. Maloney.

While Maloney and Collins make extremely valid points (as well as hint towards a bipartisan cause), this will sadly end up in the annals of Jay Leno's vortex of bad jokes for The Tonight Show.


This & That

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Know This:

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Obama Sticking Up for Students Story of the Day

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Yesterday during his weekly radio address, President Obama said that he would pressure lawmakers to keep student loan rates at 3.4 percent. If ignored, the rates will double in July. The president stressed that higher education "cannot be a luxury [but] an economic imperative that every family must be able to afford." GOP members are pushing back, unsurprisingly, in their quest to make America's youth a contingency of dum-dums.


Record Store Day Equipment Guide of the Day

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It's Record Store Day -- the one day in which all music labels and stores unite to bring the public limited pressings of (probably) overpriced records. Still, it tends to be a date that is often circled many times over in peoples' calendars and is moving ever so swiftly in becoming the music nerd's equivalent to Black Friday.

For people just (re)discovering vinyl, this guide to proper equipment might be slightly helpful for playing some of those limited edition singles.


Meat is Murder Story of the Day

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In a story that would please Morrissey to no end, controversy surrounding a children's book, Vegan is Love, espouses the moral that "hamburgers are violent and sad," a point further driven by images of dead animals. Now meat-eaters are mad and vegans are feeling marginalized and stereotyped, so America remains unhappy. At least Man vs. Food is still on.


This is All Kinds of Wrong Military News of the Day

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In a gross display of injustice, enlisted rape victims have gone public in stating that the military branded them "crazy" and had them discharged. With a lawsuit pending and an upcoming report on CNN, this publicity will hopefully lead to a policy change or a public firing of military officials.