Via: Grant Thompson - "The King of Random"
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So you're not a rocket scientist. No problem!

All you need to create your own launch kit is a box of matches, aluminum foil and some wooden skewers.
,br/> Grant Thompson (aka "The King of Random") demonstrates how this is done in the video above, and you can download the template if you sign up on his website.

The homemade rockets will leave a trail of smoke and can travel over 40 feet.

Via: Matthew Travis
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WARNING: The video contains some foul language.

Well, this didn't go exactly as planned.

After an already delayed launch, Orbital Sciences Corp's unmanned Antares rocket exploded Tuesday night in midair right after takeoff at NASA's Wallops Island launch facility in Virginia.

Fortunately, no one was hurt. There are numerous photos and videos of the explosion.

The rocket was supposed to deliver about 5,000 pounds of supplies and experiments to the International Space Station.

As terrible as the explosion looks in the videos, NASA doesn't seem phased by the mishap:

Launching rockets is an incredibly difficult undertaking, and we learn from each success and each setback. Today's launch attempt will not deter us from our work to expand our already successful capability to launch cargo from American shores to the International Space Station.