Fan Fic of the Day: Rob Gronkowski Gets His Own Romantic Story

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For some, being one of the best football players in the country just isn't enough.

New England Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski just wants a little love in his life, so the good people at Funny or Die decided to immortalize his longing for romance in the film A Gronking to Remember, opposite model Charlotte McKinney.

For Gronk, that romance involves spiking the most thoughtful of things on his lady's backside. From roses, a box of chocolates up to an eventual engagement ring, it's a tale that will surely inspire you to appreciate the sentimental things in life.

Image this is a butt:

At least it showcases him wanting some mature love as opposed to the video released in May of him motorboating a stripper.

Epic FAIL of the Day: Meet Mexico's Modern-Day Romeo and Juliet

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In a truly noble yet blind attempt at chivalry, a guy carries his ladyfriend through a flooded street in the city of Los Yeyes in Mexico, that is, until the couple have to face their tragic fate.