Burn of the Day: EA's Madden Gives Some Advice to the Seahawks Over Twitter

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Animal of the Day: Octopus Tries to Escape Seattle Aquarium

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An octopus recently tried and failed to make a break for it at the Seattle Aquarium.

The 8-legged beast climbed up his tank and nearly made it over the edge before a member of the staff thwarted his plans.

He was probably just hungry and headed for the crab tank. Or he was jealous of some his cellmates who were recently granted their freedom.

A few weeks ago, the aquarium successfully mated Franklin and Hazel who met on an octopus “blind date” before releasing them back into the wild.

Here’s video footage of the two being set free below a pier.

Discovery of the Day: Woolly Mammoth Tusk Found in Seattle Construction Site

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Construction workers digging in Seattle's south Lake Union area have found a tusk from an Woolly Mammoth, according to the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture.

Q13 FOX reported:

"Burke Museum paleontologists have examined the fossil and we are confident that it represents a tusk from an ice age mammoth," Christian Sidor, the museum's curator of vertebrate paleontology, said later that day.

"Because the fossil is on private property and does not seem to be associated with an archaeological site, it is up to the landowner to decide what they would like to do with the tusk," Sidor said. "We are happy to excavate the fossil if the landowner would like to take that step."

Bar Sign of the Day

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This night can go one of two directions. Choose wisely.

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Seattle Goes Nuts of the Day

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When the word got out that Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis were going to serve coffee in Seattle's fish-tossing Pike Place Market, the entire city showed up.

Thousands packed the modestly-sized market in the hopes of seeing the comedians, who are working their way across the country to promote their new film, The Campaign. It's clearly working.

Very few actually got served, let alone got to see Ferrell and Galifianakis, nestled deep within the Local Color Cafe.

The Daily What was on the scene, covering the chaos and marveling at the city's love of celebrities.


Slip 'N Slide Seattle of the Day

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Slip 'N Slide Seattle of the Day: Seattle is set to get walloped by the worst snowstorm the Emerald City has seen in decades. A whopping 5 to 10 inches!

PROTIP to Seattleite drivers thinking of getting on the road tomorrow: Watch this video. Then don't. And if you do, for the love of the Fremont Troll, don't put snow chains on the rear tires of your front-w

Bad Tip of the Day

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Bad Tip of the Day: Think you've seen some bad tips in your day? A customer at Bimbo's Cantina on Seattle's Capitol Hill left behind negative two dollars and a rude comment about his waitress's weight.

Server Victoria Liss says she brought a couple some chips and salsa with guacamole and a double-decker pork taco as well as some drinks, which totalled $28.68.

She explains the rest:

On the first part of his $28.68 tab he wrote in "$2