Severus Snape

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By Grabthar's Hammer what a devastating loss. Esteemed British Actor Alan Rickman has passed away at 69 after a battle with cancer.

Rickman was known by many for his exceptional portrayal of the complex and conflicted villain Severus Snape in the films adapted from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books.

But real-talk the strapping lad could make most anything epic.

From his acclaimed role as criminal mastermind Hans Gruber in Die Hard:

To that time when director, Kevin Smith, recognized he'd happened upon a British stud who had a voice deeper and richer than a Ghirardelli 98% Dark Chocolate bar. Yeah the voice of a god. Literally:

To what was one of his arguably best roles as Colonel Brandon in Ang Lee's 'Sense and Sensibility':

Throughout his career Rickman continually demonstrated an awe-inspiring range, while at the same time establishing himself as something of a legendary 'bad guy.' Let's get real though, his bit in Galaxy Quest — the epic sci-fi romp — kind of takes the cake.

RIP Alan Rickman, you'll be fiercely missed.

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A group of college students had the real-life Professor Snape.

His name was Henry Lloyd Snape, and while he didn't wield a wand—far as we know— fawn after Lily Potter, or make a mad magical potion; he did claim his expertise in the field of Chemistry. So, he was pretty much the Half Blood Prince. Check him out, pictured in the center, below.

In The Irish Times, the real-life Professor Snape is described as uncannily lenient towards a dark but charismatic disposition, much like the demeanor of Severus as played by Alan Rickman in the 'Harry Potter' flicks.

What gets the bit between the teeth on the connection between Henry Lloyd and JK's Severus Snape, is Rodger's discovery of a recent lecture that was titled 'The Philosopher of Stone.' This immediately brings to mind the title of the first 'Harry Potter' book, 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.'

As a final resounding note we'll add that Henry Lloyd taught at Aberystwyth University, an old college building that had Gothic spires and turrets eerily similar to Hogwarts.


Aberystwyth University