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Competitive Indoor Skydiving is as awesome as it sounds.

Watch the Czech Dynamic 4 Way team the "Mad Ravens," win the silver medal at the 1st FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championship in Prague.

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Over his 26-year-career Luke Aikins has landed over 18,000 jumps. Aikins has worked as a stuntman in Ironman 3 and Godzilla. Thing is, this jump was a whole different story from the get-go; this time Aikins had every intention to take the dive with no parachute, wearing nothing but the clothes on his back.

Unfortunately, the SAG-AFTRA Union voiced safety concerns and they weren't going to allow their members to work on the show unless Aikins wore a parachute...(booooo)

So, Aikins conceded, donned the parachute, and as fate would have it, a last second break in the restrictions -- while he was in the damn air, no less -- allowed for him to complete his dive without the parachute! He took it off immediately, and boom. Just plain old, balls to the wall, epic.

UC Berkeley researchers found skydiving spiders in South America.
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University of California Berkeley researchers have found spiders in Panama and Peru that can steer themselves in a free fall to land where they'd like.

Probably on your face. Not really.

These tree-dwelling species are giving those researchers some insight into the actual evolution of flying insects, which is super neat even though it ignites the nightmares in your sleep.

Look into its face.

io9 discusses these spider powers discovered by the researchers.

To test their abilities, the researchers dropped 59 Selenops spiders from either canopy platforms of tree crowns in Panama and Peru. The vast majority (93%) directed their aerial trajectories towards nearby trunks. After landing, they re-oriented themselves and walked head-first towards specific targets.

The scientists say that this type of behavior may have preceded the origin of wings. The spiders are exceptionally thin, and they exploit the powers of lift and drag by spreading their legs wide open. They're even able to right themselves in midair when they turn upside-down. The biologists also witnessed spiders who bounced off a tree trunk, only to recover and resume the glide back down to the surface.

They put together this nifty panic-attack-inducing video to show off the spider's skills.

You can read the whole scientific study here.

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One guy from Connecticut has taken the “promposal” to new heights, literally.

High school students across the country have been coming up with creative ways of asking their dates to prom.

We’ve seen a guy stupidly pretend to be a suicide bomber and one kid who made a girl cry after she made fun of his elaborate road signs.

Eddie Staten wanted to do something extreme as well, and so he decided to express his love for his girlfriend by leaping out of a plane.

In the video, Staten holds up a sign that just reads “Talia, Prom?” It’s short, sweet and to the point, but apparently that was not enough.

The rest of the clip shows him skydiving with an instructor from a company called Skydive Danielson, who encourages his girlfriend to go with him.

“I hope she says yes,” Staten says while falling.

She did, according to NBC.