win kids soccer This Soccer Fan Got a Real, Signed Jersey so He Won't Have to Make One out of Plastic Bags Anymore
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This adorable kid was such a fan of Argentine soccer player, Lionel Messi, that he made his own jersey out of a trash bag and marker. An image of him went viral as people spread the word to help him get his own actual Messi jersey. 

Thanks to the Afghanistan Football Federation and UNICEF, he finally got a real jersey, signed by Messi. 


UNICEF wrote in their Facebook post that it's important to bring hope to kids through sports:

The right to play and practice sports promotes the well-being of all children, especially the most vulnerable trapped in emergencies around the world.

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Two men, Herbert-Gumbs and Mark Soto were arrested with enough blow last Thursday to frost a fu**ing ski slope—136 pounds to be exact. According to drug prosecutors the drugs seized could've been resold for as much as 3 million dollars.

Perhaps even more shocking than the sheer amount of cocaine discovered, was the decision by the two crooks to stamp some their product with "Messi," as a shoutout to their favorite famous Argentinian soccer player.

Herbert-Gumbs and Mark Soto each face four felony drug possession charges that combined could clock out at 100 years in prison.

Poland soccer captain Robert Lewandowski scores five goals in fifteen minutes.
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Bayern Munich was down 0-1 in the half facing rivals Wolfsburg Sept. 22. Then they subbed in Robert Lewandowski.

The striker and captain of the Poland national team wasted no time in turning the tide. He scored five incredible, separately interesting goals in only 15 minutes of play.

It was nuts.

The last was the prettiest one of the bunch:

Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola could not believe it.

Go sports.

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Technology is supposed to make life easier, and in this case, it only made things worse.

A TV show in Norway called “Golden Goal” strapped headsets onto some soccer players so that they could only see a bird’s-eye-view of the field.

And the result is absolutely hilarious.

It’s not exactly the most exciting game in the world, but watching them try to navigate around and connect with the ball is pretty entertaining.

The players stick their arms out like a horde of zombies and hobble around just as slow.

At one point the goalie just lays down to make it easier to block any shots, which was the smartest thing he could have done.

Way to use your braaaaaaains…

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On February 14, Zlatan Ibrahimović scored a goal against Caen and then proceeded to take off his shirt.

The move may have gotten him a yellow card, but it also got him a lot of attention for a much bigger issue: world hunger.

The Paris Saint-Germain striker had 50 names temporarily tattooed on his torso of starving children around the world to help promote The World Food Programme’s initiative “805 Million Names.”

“If I could, I would write all the names of people suffering from hunger on my body. But they are 805 million. It is a disaster,” he says.

The WFP is part of the United Nations, and the organization reaches more than 80 million people with food assistance in 75 countries each year.

“I had a dream that someone could convey this message in a simple way. We thought of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who is always asked for his autograph,” said Marina Catena, director of the WFP in France. “So why shouldn’t it be Zlatan who has the autographs on his body this time? We’re proud that he accepted to convey this message.”

As a result of his charitable stunt, Ibrahimović is suspended and will not be playing in their game against Monaco on March 1.

You can donate to the cause on the WFP website.

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Real Madrid player and underwear model Cristiano Ronaldo became slightly less ridiculously good looking last week and kicked a soccer ball around with a clueless kid in the streets of Madrid.

He wore a shaggy wig with fake mustache/beard, sunglasses and a baggy sweatsuit, and he carried a blue backpack. Look… he’s just like us!

The two played juggled the ball around a bit without drawing any attention.

He eventually removed his disguise, revealing his true identity to the boy and everyone else in the street who immediately pull out their phones to take pictures.

Before walking away, he gave the boy a hug and signed a ball for him.

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ICYMI, Toronto Maple Leafs goalie Jonathan Bernier made a big mistake on the red carpet at a Raptors charity event to honor Nelson Mandela last weekend.

The mistake being that he didn't know who Nelson Mandela was.

Here's his cringeworthy answer:

"He's one of the most known athletes in the world. A lot of impact in any kind of sport that he did, and even playing hockey, everyone knows him, right? From being the type of person that he was off the ice and on the ice. It's unfortunate that he passed a year ago, but, he changed a lot while he was with us, and he's a tremendous guy."

Here Bernier, let me Google that for you. Of course, that might have helped to know beforehand to avoid the embarrassment.

Bernier apologized soon after the event.

"I'm embarrassed," said Bernier. "I didn't mean to offend him, his legacy. I got flustered with the red carpet and I was nervous. I think everyone makes mistakes and that was me that night."

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