Nope of the Day: Giant Spider Hides in Car Door Handle

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He should change his license plate to just say NOPE.

This massive spider could not have found a more inconvenient place to hang out, aside from on your face.

“Nothing worse than opening your car door and feeling something furry!” writes the uploader in the caption.

They found him just chilling beneath the handle, presumably when they stuck their hand up there to open it.

“It’s a bloody super spider,” he says. “Oh jesus!”

Fortunately, for everyone involved, it eventually plops down and scurries away.

Nightmare Fuel of the Day: Woman Finds Erection-Causing Spiders in Bag of Bananas

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Warning: This story might ruin your breakfast… forever.

A man in Wales recently picked up some bananas at a Tesco supermarket which turned out to be infested with spiders that can both kill you and give you a massive erection.

His wife opened the bag to find a cocoon of Brazilian Wandering Spiders (aka banana spiders) which are known to scurry around on the ground at night and hide in banana plants during the day.

They are considered the “world’s most venomous spider” by Guinness World Records, although there is an anti-venom available so not as many people die from their bites. Their bites have also been known to cause painful erections lasting several hours, and they are being studied as a potential Viagra alternative.

The cocoon started to hatch soon after she made the horrifying discovery.

“The spider cocoon started to unfurl so I put it in a sealed box and put it in the freezer as I read that that is supposed to kill them,” she said.

She then posted the photos to Tesco’s Facebook page for answers. The company told her to just mail in the wrapper so she could get a refund, but she was more concerned with not being attacked by the 8-legged killers than getting a few bucks back.

Tesco eventually asked her to bring the fruit back to the store so they could be investigated.

“We’ve apologized to Mrs. Layton and offered a gesture of goodwill,” a spokesperson said according to Yahoo.

A woman in England recently found a strange stowaway in her can of tuna fish, which turned out to be a tiny crab.

So now you can add bananas and tuna to the list of foods you are too terrified to ever eat again

iPhone Prank of the Day: Magician Freaks Out Woman With Spider Trick

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She told him not to do that.

Magician Chris Ballinger recently performed an iPhone trick on YouTube comedian GloZell as part of his "Magic Mondays" video series.

The augmented reality app he uses on her, called My Pet Boris, makes it appear as though there is spider on your hand.

Watch until the end for a special surprise, and the best possible reaction from GloZell.

Arachnophobes and Weave-a-phobes beware.

How-To of the Day: Australian Man Demonstrates How to Bravely Get Rid of a Spider

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Youtuber Durianriders shows us how to calmly release a rather large spider that has climbed up onto his shirt. If you think he's calm at the beginning of the video, just wait until the spider decides not to cooperate when it's time to go back to nature!

Damn Nature You Scary of the Day

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A new species of spider that builds decoys of larger spiders to scare away potential predators may have been discovered in the Peruvian Amazon, according to science educator and biologist Phil Torres in a recent interview with Wired. Hat tip goes to The Verge.