Performance Art of The Day: People Are Sticking Their Arms Into This Wall For Surprise Tattoos
Via: NY Times
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How much do you trust strangers?

These people trust strangers. A lot.

Popular New York tattoo artist Scott Campbell is giving people tattoos for free. All they have to do is stick their arm through a hole and have no input as to what tattoo he will give them.

This is all part of Whole Glory, a one-man installation and performance taking place this week in NYC. The lucky few selected through a lottery get a 1-hour session where Campbell gives them a tattoo somewhere on their arm.

His creations are pretty cool, so for a very trusting person this might be a fun exercise.

Here are some of the surprise creations from Instagram...

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A New Zealand father didn't want his daughter to be self conscious of her cochlear implant — so he got a tattoo of one for himself.

Alistair Campbell's daughter six-year-old daughter Char

Alistair talked to the New Zealand Herald about his decision

Mr Campbell, who had no other tattoos, said he wanted to do it to show her that he could go through a little bit of pain for her too.

"My love for her really," he said. "Hey my hair can grow back."

Mr Campbell had shaved his head completely to get the tattoo done but said he would be letting his hair grow back.

He'd shave it off again and show off the tattoo at "special occasions," or if Charlotte wanted to see it.

The article said Mrs. Campbell's mother had a cochlear implant and her son, Lewis, 8, wore hearing aids so it wasn't a big surprise when Charlotte needed one.

The tattoo has not only help out his daughter, but also drawn a great deal of attention to the Hear 4 Kidz Trust of which the Campbell family is a part.

WOW!! Alistair and Charlotte Campbell are world famous. This awesome story has gone viral (over 80,000 views and 15,000...

Posted by Hear 4 Kidz Trust on Wednesday, August 5, 2015

You might as well just stop trying, other dads, the Father of the Year has been decided.

That was a joke. Never stop trying to be a good father, you dolts.

Via: HitFix
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While on some sort of star-studded holiday with Liam Hemsworth's family, J Law got herself a hand tattoo. And it's an inaccurate one at that.

Let her tell you the rest.

Via: Daily Mail
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There are super fans, and then there are super crazy fans.

This Venezuelan man is one of the latter.

Henry Damon had his nose chipped off along with several other surgeries to make him look more like the villain Red Skull from Captain America.

"He has loved comic books since he was a kid and always dreamed of being Red Skull, but never got round to doing it," said one of his friends.

Damon now goes by the name "Red Skull" and in addition to the nose removal, he also had his eyeballs tattooed black, his face tattooed red and black and subdermal lumps added to his forehead.

His next step is to get silicone implants on the cheekbones, chin and cheeks and dye his entire face red.

Maybe he should have opted for the Chris Evans look instead.

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Zelda Williams now has a Hummingbird placed above her father's birth date while endearingly calling her father, "poppo."

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