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Taxi drivers are blocking traffic in Toronto in protest of Uber taking away profits from taxi companies. It's not a secret that taxi companies don't like dealing with Uber which gets around many of the regulations that taxis have to follow by labeling their service as "ride sharing".

Does that mean it's okay to try to break a stranger's window because you suspect them of being an Uber driver? No.

At least some people have a sense of humor about the incident.


Many people on Twitter think the taxi driver protest is just making people hate the taxi industry more.

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Others are making the point that the taxi industry's real problem isn't Uber, it's that they need to adapt and get better at service and technology.

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Once you go back you never go… back.

Eleven years ago, Harpreet Devi's car got stuck in reverse, so he was forced to drive home that way.

And the Indian taxi drover has not driven forwards since.

He pimped out his Fiat with a "Back Gear Champion" logo, a siren and rear headlights, and he altered his gearbox to give him 4 reverse gears.

He says he actually feels safer driving backwards, but the stunt has also seriously wrecked his neck.

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