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Apple's new Macbook doesn't just give feels, it requires them.

Announcing a new line of Macbooks today, Apple introduced the world to the Touch Bar, a digital interface that lives at the top of the keyboard, replacing the function keys. The Touch Bar gives users a whole new range of control on things like video editing, audio recording, and sending emojis.


As is their wont, the company made it clear that these are the thinnest and lightest Macbooks to date.

Despite announcing new AppleTV software and accessibility features, this event was about two things for people: Touch Bar and Price. With two new Macbooks coming in at $1,799 for a 13" model and $2,399 for a 15" model, many were pretty surprised and somewhat baffled by the price increase.

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Want to heal your bones faster? Well, thanks to researchers at Northwestern University, pretty soon you'll be able to 3D print a flexible "scaffolding" to encourage bone growth on and around them.

Okay, taking a breath.

Here we go:

The scaffold is "made up of hydroxyapatite, a naturally occurring mineral that exists in our bones and teeth, and a biocompatible polymer called polycaprolactone, and a solvent. Hydroxyapatite provides strength and offers chemical cues to stem cells to create bone. The polycaprolactone polymer adds flexibility, and the solvent sticks the 3D-printed layers together as it evaporates during printing. The mixture is blended into an ink that is dispensed by the printer, layer by layer, into exact shapes matching the bone that needs to be replaced."

The idea, they continue, is that "a patient would come in with a nasty broken bone—say, a shattered jaw—and instead of going through painful autograft surgeries or waiting for a custom scaffold to be manufactured, he or she could be x-rayed and a 3D-printed hyperelastic bone scaffold could be printed that same day."

Currently the technology is being used to fuse spinal vertebrae in rats, and is performing well. Since you can't use this tech YET, maybe you can 3D print yourself a cast in the meantime:

Read more on the innovation here.

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Ever want to chuck your GoPro to get good aerial shots but don't have the right foam padding not to break it? Enter AER.

Their new invention--basically a giant Nerf arrow around a GoPro--makes it possible.

The videos sound like they wouldn't be worth seeing, but are surprisingly action-packed little bits of fun. I especially like the parts where it looks like you'll run smack into someone at the end of each one:

Pick yours up here.

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Tired of standing in line at your favorite bakery or morning coffee shop?

Enter the Nissan ProPILOT Chair, which will move forward for you, keeping pace with the other chairs around it.

Using the same technology as the Nissan Pilot, the chair uses "autonomous tech for sitting in line." The chair "automatically moves the next person in line forward when appropriate. It removes the need to stand, even the need to pay attention, for the most part. When someone leaves the queue, the chair automatically moves itself to the back of the line for the next person to sit down."

So read your books, check Facebook, put on your makeup... anything but pay attention in line.


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If you're a hipster L.A.-girl who likes to skateboard, then the new Snapchat video sunglasses called "Spectacles," are made just for you.

As Snap's (formerly Snapchat) first product, they take 10-second (up to 30 seconds) of hands-free video clips you can upload to your account. You can now take video as you do your normal, relatable, routine of skateboarding in an empty swimming pool, skateboarding down the beach sidewalk, or even skateboarding while holding hands in a chain with your hipster girlfriends!

For all your skateboarding Snapchat usages, they cost $130 and are being distributed to a select group to hype them at this time. Designed by tech heads, the reviews are mixed as people decide if they actually want to try this one out.

Check out the spec's--ahem--specs here, and tell us in the comments below if you'd buy these.

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Via: Fidget Cube: A Vinyl Desk Toy
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The creators of the Fidget Cube, Matthew and Mark McLachlan, have figured out the ONE niche that hadn't yet been met in society: fixing anxious people. The Fidget Cube Kickstarter project is meant to help put errant fingers to work--

Their initial goal was $15,000, but as of press time they had raised OVER $4.2 MILLION:

They describe the cube (which is basically just something to do with your fingers if you like to click pens/bite your fingernails/etc), as:

So let's all put our heads together and figure out the next way to take money from anxious people... ideas anyone?

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It's nearly here!

The new Pokémon Go! Plus wearable is for sale Sept. 16th and though it's currently sold out on, you can keep an eye on it's availability here.

As for how it works,

At $35.99, the new wearable is cheaper than a new Apple watch and compatible with both Android and iOS devices. In the package, you should get both the device and an initial wrist strap, but you can also accessorize your Go Plus with Shield Skins and even a cool Power Bank to make your hunts longer.

Once it's released there should be a TON of third-party sites selling skins, alternative wrist straps, and accessories for it. From the looks of the pretty basic design, you can also probably pretty easily DIY your own wrist strap.

You can also just look super cool hanging it out of your shirt pocket--sans accessories--too:

So get out there and catch some Pokémon! Happy Hunting!