Reboot of the Day: Kneel Mortals, for the Return of Xena the Warrior Princess is Nigh

Xena the Warrior Princess is coming back, apparently.
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And the carousel of 1990s nostalgia continues making everyone dizzy.

Flavorwire, along with many other outlets, is reporting the return of Xena: Warrior Princess

From 1995-2001, the show about an eponymous warrior princess out to redeem her past sins charmed many with it's campy sensibilities and striking lead actress, Lucy Lawless. Well, NBC wants to see if the magic is still there.

Before you feel all like:

You should know that the reboot is in it's infancy.

It's so early in the project's development, in fact, that the "modern reboot" is still searching for a writer. Thus, all info about the series — which was originally created by Tapert and John Schulian — is written in totally vague terms, as in the aforementioned THR news piece: the fact that "producers are said to be looking for a sophisticated and smart superhero for a new generation" doesn't give provide much in the way of concrete details, given that no one's expecting them to be looking for a dumb superhero for a bygone generation.

This show would join the large roster of 1990s television shows that are suddenly hurdling back at us, from Full House to next January's X Files miniseries.

But just think, we could here this fearsome battle cry again before too much longer.

Cumberbatch of the Day: Benedict Plays 3-Word Stories with Jimmy Fallon

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Can we please just give Benedict Cumberbatch a show already, where he sits in front of a camera all day doing impressions, dancing like Beyonce, playing games, and telling us all about penguins?

On "The Tonight Show" Monday, he continued his media tour to promote his new movie "The Imitation Game," by playing Three-Word Stories with Jimmy Fallon, i.e. discussing unicorns and booty.

Sexism Experiment of the Day: News Anchor Wore Same Suit for a Year

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This week in shirts and sexism

Karl Stefanovic, from Channel 9's "Today" show in Australia, revealed for the first time this past weekend, that he has been wearing the exact same blue Burberry suit every day for a year (with a couple exceptions).

The experiment, he said, was to highlight the sexism that his female co-anchors face on a daily basis.

While no one noticed or commented on his clothes, his co-host, Lisa Wilkinson, has said that she receives regular criticism and style advice from their viewers. A lecture she gave last year inspired Stefanovic to conduct the experiment.

"Women are judged much more harshly and keenly for what they do, what they say and what they wear," he said.

The video above shows every suit he wore in 2014.

And you might also be wondering: Did he wash it? A few times, apparently.

"It does get a little bit stinky," he said.

Viral Video of the Day: Young Girl Gets Really Emotional Watching ‘The Chipmunk Adventure’

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Admit it, you cried too.

This little girl gets teary-eyed in the backseat of the car over a scene from "The Chipmunk Adventure" when the Chipettes sing to a lost baby penguin.

But things get even more intense when, spoiler alert, the penguin finds its parents.

90s Kids are Mourning Jovian, Star of PBS KIDS Show Zoboomafoo

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Jovian the lemur, better known as Zoboomafoo, died Monday at the age of 20.5 at the Duke Lemur Center, where he spent his entire life. His co-hosts on Zoboomafoo, Chris & Martin Kratt had this to say about Jovian:

"He'd jump in through the window and we'd feed him mangoes or garbanzo beans. Sometimes he'd grab our noses with those soft sifaka hands. He was very social and calm. He was young and good-looking and very gentle."

Jovian is survived by his second partner, Pia, a brother Julian, aged 22, 7 children and 4 grandchildren.You can read Jovian's full obituary on Duke Today here.

If this got you right in the feels, join in on the twitter-feels remembering Zooboomafoo now.

Links of the Day: What You Might Have Missed This Weekend

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