Letters to Obama get highlighted in this new Tumblr from the White House.
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Wouldn't you like to see the letters people send to President Obama? Well now you can see at least some of them.

The White House launched a new Tumblr Aug. 20 with just that intention. It's called letterstopresidentobama and it will feature a selection of the correspondence sent to Obama's desk.

Obviously, many, if not most, of those letters would be pretty critical of the President's executive decision-making, so you can't expect this selection to be altogether representative. However, as they say in the introduction, the hope is to bring attention to the views of some Americans.

Today, the whitehouse is launching a new Tumblr account called "Letters to President Obama," where we'll highlight letters that Americans have written to the President. Follow along here.

Below, Natoma Canfield – a cancer survivor from Ohio – shares what happened when she wrote the President a letter encouraging him to "stay focused" in his efforts to reform America's health care system.

They then shared the letter of a cancer survivor and her appreciation for the President's commitment to affordable healthcare.

It'd be super interesting to see the letters balance each other out, to give representation of this increasingly partisan country. Still, the fact that real people are writing real letters is news enough.

While we will probably never find a Garfield spin off as hilarious and existentially depressing as Garfield Minus Garfield, this comes close.

The artist behind Hetfield the Cat took the pretty great idea of using Metallica lyrics to express the despondent life of America's most overwrought cartoon cat.

Here are a few examples.

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It may not be Kim Kardashian’s butt or a couple of runaway llamas, but a single dress seemingly broken the Internet Thursday night.

The image above was originally uploaded on February 15 to Tumblr with the following caption:

Guys please help me – is this dress white and gold, or blue and black? Me and my friends can’t agree and we are freaking the f**k out.

Simple enough question right? It’s obviously blue and gold. Mystery solved.

But wait, when you turn the photo sideways it’s actually more blue and black. The more you really think about it, maybe it’s white and gold after all.

Then your mind explodes, and the evil dress has won.

One commenter thought we needed to elevate this to a higher authority.


The dress was trending on Twitter and Facebook by Friday morning, with people of both camps (#whiteandgold and #blackandblue) arguing their case.

Buzzfeed eventually contacted the original uploader, a woman named Caitlin McNeill. She confirmed that it was in fact the blue and black dress seen below.

It’s called the Royal-Blue Lace Detail Bodycon Dress and sells for $77.


Although the more interesting question is, why do we all see different colors?

Wired has a good explanation of why this is happening.

Human beings evolved to see in daylight, but daylight changes color. That chromatic axis varies from the pinkish red of dawn, up through the blue-white of noontime, and then back down to reddish twilight. “What’s happening here is your visual system is looking at this thing, and you’re trying to discount the chromatic bias of the daylight axis,” says Bevil Conway, a neuroscientist who studies color and vision at Wellesley College. “So people either discount the blue side, in which case they end up seeing white and gold, or discount the gold side, in which case they end up with blue and black.”

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It's what you ask yourself every morning as you stare into your closet, right? What would Kanye West and Kim Kardashian wear today?

If you need fashion inspiration from Kimye, or some Halloween costume tips, Katie Burroughs and Kathleen Lee have created a blog and Instagram account to help you out.

Called "What Would Yeezus Wear" the two women recreate numerous paparazzi photos of the couple down to the finest detail, even including baby North West.

By Unknown
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"DashCon aims to be the largest gathering of Tumblr users to date, concentrating on the particulars of this stand out social media site. DashCon will be a place where Tumblr users can express common site wide interests, in both fashion, art, science, and in the world of geekery. Specifically, the side of Tumblr we have garnered interest from has been the geekery side. This side comprises mostly of people who religiously follow various television shows, movie series, and book series. Notable groups within this 'geekery' side would be those who follow BBC's Sherlock, CWs Supernatural, and JK Rowling's Harry Potter. In addition to bringing together these groups, we are also very interested in promoting and helping with two common issues found within Tumblr users, mainly, depression and anxiety. We wish to provide informational programming about healthy ways to deal with these conditions"
-- www.dashcon.org

Here's a video recap of the myriad shortfalls of the event:

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In the President's continued attempts to reach out to young voters, Barack Obama sat down with David Karp of Tumblr to take questions from the microblogging community. The humble "ask" feature has finally made it to American politics! Check out the full video of the event here:

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