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'Good deeds don't go unpunished,' demonstrated Mother Nature, or Jack Frost.

24-year-old Matthew Bove hit Twitter Monday morning to share a spectacular photo, which depicts an impossible stroke of bad luck. Or this dude dipped overcharged his karma bank recently. Either way Bove made the safe decision to leave his car overnight by a bar him and his friends had spent their evening at. So Kudos to Bove for making the right call.

What you see here is the icy aftermath of what's called the lake-effect phenomenon. This takes place when a cold front absorbs moisture as it passes over a big, warm body of water, and then tends to produce absurd amounts of snowfall.

For a moment there we thought this might be the latest in a string of prior Jimmy Kimmel vs. John Krasinski & Emily Blunt pranks. In case you were unaware those two star-studded teams have been exchanging Christmas-wrapped cars for blows in an epic ongoing prank war.

ice sign copy Someone Caught a Perfect Ice Copy of a Sign Sliding Away
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In Mustang, Oklahoma a snow storm is melting away. This includes a sheet of ice that became a perfect copy of the sign it's sliding off of. The image of this phenomenon was shared on social media to much debate, with some people questioning how the ice melted in the shape of the letters.

Elsewhere in Oklahoma, other ice signs have also been spotted.

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Hawaii got some summer snow
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During the hottest month, on an equatorial paradise island, snow fell. Welcome to the end of days.

On the 'Big Island' of Hawai'i, the white stuff sure did come down July 11 and it made a winter wonderland of the Mauna Kea mountaintop.

Those big, imposing buildings there are the Mauna Kea Observatories, some of the largest astronomical facilities like it in the world. Wonder if they saw the snow coming...

Get a load of some of these pictures and maybe rethink that vacation.

Via: Carl Bouley
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God paid a visit to Maine this week, and it was scary as Hell.

A high school student in Grand Isle recently captured the insane moment that lightning struck the steeple of a church.

Carl Bouley was filming the rain over St. Gerard Catholic Church from his porch across the street when it happened, and his volunteer firefighter father went over afterwards to check on the damages.

The church has has actually been struck before in August of 2007, according to the Maine Sun Journal.

“It kind of scared me a bit,” he told the Journal. “It felt like a small shockwave hit.”

A second camera was able to capture what happened on the ground below at the exact same moment.

Great Scott!

Via: FOX 10 Phoenix
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While the East Coast was dealing with a blizzard, Arizona was getting unnaturally hot, according toFOX 10 Phoenix.

An malfunction on their weather map made it appear as if the temperatures were going to be in the thousands this week, but meteorologist Cory McCloskey handled it like a pro.

“Now I’m not authorized to evacuate Ahwatukee,” he said of a city reported to be 1270 degrees, “But this temperature seems pretty high.”

It’s also supposed to be a sweltering 2960 degrees in Cave Creek and 2385 in Wickenburg.

“I think steel boils at this temperature,” he said. “So Cave Creek… there’s probably nothing left up there. So don’t even bother looting up there.”

Fox 10 wrote about the error on their Facebook page:

“In the world of live news sometimes technology just doesn’t cooperate,” they said. “That’s why it’s important to have smart people who can handle the heat.”

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Around six-feet of snow covered the Buffalo area Tuesday, thanks to a lake-effect snowstorm, trapping residents and stopping traffic. Deaths have been reported as well, 3 of which were from heart attacks.

And another 2-feet of snow is reportedly on the way. Not good.

Here's some news you might have missed:

Gov. Cuomo has deployed the National Guard [NY Daily News]

A drone toughed out the storm, and the footage is insane. (see video above) [James Grimaldi]

For some reason, the University at Buffalo did not cancel classes, and commenters on Facebook found this very amusing. [dan_blather]

The storm did not stop this baby from being born. [WIVB]

Some suburbs around Buffalo got close to breaking the record for 24-hour snowfall [NWS Buffalo]

This photo is why flying is probably NOT a good idea during a storm. [USA Today]

Here's your lake effect. Someone shot a timelapse of the storm as it crossed over Lake Erie into the city. [Alfonzo Cutaia]

And as always: the memes are coming. [scy1192]