Mynd af trúlofun þeirra Michaels og Fionu á Skólavörðustíg hefur farið eins og eldur í sinu um netheima. Við hittum þau í dag og í Kastljósi í kvöld segja þau frá trúlofuninni, hring sem var falinn í skó og hvað í ósköpunum þau eru að gera á Íslandi í lok nóvember. Við hittum líka Jessicu sem tók myndina en hún segist trúa á sanna ást.

Posted by Kastljós on Monday, November 30, 2015
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When Michael John Kent proposed to his girlfriend in Reykjavik, Iceland they probably thought they had the street all to themselves. They discovered later that a bystander had captured the perfect photo of the proposal just at the right time. When he didn't hear back from her after giving out the wrong email the search was on and he took to the internet to find this mystery photographer.

via Michael John Kent

Much to the couple's delight, they found her thanks to the powers of social media.


The woman who took the photo, Jessica Bowe, had already posted it to her Instagram. Later the happy couple went back to Iceland to meet their photographer and thank her for the image. They even did a quick interview with a local news outlet in the video above.

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No this isn't photoshopped, just a perfect day for a wedding.

A couple in Idaho was fortunate enough to have this heart-shaped cloud formation as the backdrop during their ceremony. And just in time too, as it reportedly rained during the reception.

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A Jackson, Mississippi couple was forced into a change of venue for their recent nuptials after members of their predominantly white church objected to the ceremony of the black bride and groom. Pastor Stan Weatherford of First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs suggested the relocation after a small group of dissenters -- estimated around five or six -- made their opinions known about Charles and Te'Andrea Wilson's celebration:

I didn't want to have a controversy within the church, and I didn't want a controversy to affect the wedding of Charles and Te'Andrea. I wanted to make sure their wedding day was a special day.

Weatherford performed the ceremony at another church, but the situation isn't sitting well with other members of the congregation, who say they were completely unaware of the situation. Member Casey Kitchens shared her thoughts:

This is a small, small group of people who made a terrible decision. I'm just ashamed right now that my church would do that. I can't fathom why. How unfair. How unjust. It's just wrong.


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