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Tired of just watching your favorite movies?

Well now you can wear them too, with Vans new "Toy Story" line and Nike's "Back to the Future" self-lacing do-hickies.

Van's "Toy Story" Shoes

Vans is keeping tight-lipped about this line despite some leaked pics, so we'll have to wait a bit longer until their release date of Nov. 29th to see the rest of them, but they definitely look cute.

Nike's Self-Lacing Shoes

Right now you could win a pair of Nike Self-Lacing shoes in an online lottery that's live today. According to CNN, you can purchase lottery tix online or through the Nike+ App if you live in the U.S. or Canada, "but a pair of the shoes will be auctioned in Hong Kong (Oct. 11), London (Oct. 14 & Oct. 17) and New York City (Nov. 12)."

The lottery ends on Oct. 11 and the lucky winners will be contacted on Oct. 17.

The shoes feature an "Adaptive Fit," which "senses the wearer and tightens or loosens accordingly."

Here's Michael J. Fox wearing them back in 2015:

So sing it with me now...

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Fancy some eggs, or wanna slay like Bey for a tenner? Then check out Facebook's new Marketplace, which quickly went from innocently selling baby photoshoots, to a used car (with no brakes), to selling drugs to your Mom.

A quick look locally and we found a real gem:

Other people have found live hedgehogs and snakes...

There's also a snowsuit for your baby, I mean cat, no, I mean baby cat:

...or a passage through time:

Or some lamb:

A yurt for your bird...

...and a creepy AF clown toy:

This is already my favorite place to shop and it's only been open two days.

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Tired of standing in line at your favorite bakery or morning coffee shop?

Enter the Nissan ProPILOT Chair, which will move forward for you, keeping pace with the other chairs around it.

Using the same technology as the Nissan Pilot, the chair uses "autonomous tech for sitting in line." The chair "automatically moves the next person in line forward when appropriate. It removes the need to stand, even the need to pay attention, for the most part. When someone leaves the queue, the chair automatically moves itself to the back of the line for the next person to sit down."

So read your books, check Facebook, put on your makeup... anything but pay attention in line.


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Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin on "Stranger Things," went on the British talk show "The Jonathan Ross Show," to explain the disability he was born with: cleidocranial dysplasia.

Brave, well-spoken, and phenomenally open for a television broadcast, he is now even more of a treasure to watch and an excellent disability advocate.

Check out his interview below:

...and watch the highly anticipated second season of "Stranger Things" soon!

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It's Officially Fall people, so it's time to get your PSL Latte and eat your body weight in pumpkin noms! Here's a new dump cake recipe to try with your cans of pumpkin.

Well, okay, so maybe not exactly "real pumpkin" in those cans and actually squash, if it's tasty, I won't turn it down!

Let us know in the comments how tasty this bad boy is!

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For starters, what about that dang headline doesn't scream legend! I'm not saying I understand where he was coming from when he decided to go live amongst mountain goats for a few days in the Alps, but I respect the initiative and the fact that he saw that sh*t through.

image: Tim Bowditch

UK-based designer Thomas Thwaites has written extensively about his experience in a novelGoatMan: How I took a Holiday from Being Human. Thwaits was presented the award for Nobel Prize in biology alongside naturalist and fellow Briton Charles Foster. The awards obviously a spoof, are meant to honor people that make grand achievements that make others laugh and think at the same time.

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Norwegian metal legend Fenriz is now "Councilman Gylve Fenris Nagell" for the next four years. He's officially an alternate, showing up when folks get sick or can't attend meetings at the local neighborhood council in Kolbotn, a suburb of Oslo.

According to Factmag,

What a cuddly potential Mayor:

We're all pretty psyched about it...