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The ex-boyfriend who became the inspiration for Adele's heartbreaking love songs is thought to be a photographer named Alex Sturrock, who the singer allegedly dated in 2008 and 2009.

While the singer has stayed mum on the ex-boyfriend's name, the press has made several attempts to unveil the man's identity.

Heat magazine named Sturrock as the mystery man, and a friend of the photographer's confirms that the two were together from the summer of 2008 until April 2009.

"It was an intense period for them," said the insider. "They met through mutual friends and hit it off straight away. He shot her a few times and that was just it."

As the two spent more time together, Adele hired him as the official photographer for her U.S. tour.

Sturrock allegedly refused to call the singer his "girlfriend", despite the fact that he was living with her in her West London home.

"Adele was pretty hurt by that," said Sturrock's friend, "but Alex didn't want to label what they had."

The singer began recording 21 in 2009, after their breakup.