German Holocaust memorials aren't really the best place to do CrossFit.
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Dave Driskell, a guy that goes around promoting Crossfit and updating his Instagram account, made a pretty wrong move in Germany.

As captured by Buzzfeed before Driskell took it down, the world traveler posted the above picture of him displaying his taut muscles atop the monument entitled the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.

The wikipedia page says this of architect Peter Eisenman's 2,711 concrete slabs in Berlin: "According to Eisenman's project text, the stelae are designed to produce an uneasy, confusing atmosphere, and the whole sculpture aims to represent a supposedly ordered system that has lost touch with human reason."

Or, as Driskell wrote on his Instagram post, "Hello Berlin, Germany. 15 hour layover. Checking the sites. Drinking the beers. Eating the bratwurst. #vagabond #wanderlustwods #handstands #365daysofhandstands."

Usually, he's handstanding his way in far more innocent places. Like some gully in Iceland.

With all that blood constantly rushing to his head, maybe it makes it hard to think about when to promote your fit bod.

Badvertising CrossFit reebok - 6013239040
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Reebok Germany recently came under fire for appearing to promote infidelity in an ad targeting CrossFit gym patrons.

After a boycott threat from an anti-cheating website, the company released a statement saying Reebok "does not condone this message or cheating in any way."

The ad has since been removed. 

Copyranter notes that this is not the first -- nor likely the last -- sexist ad approved by the marketing knuckleheads at Reebok Germany.