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Geico's omniscient presence on just about every scrap of markable media has turned into a leviathan, swallowing up attention spans and indoctrinating us living, free beings with the ever present possibility that we could save more money on car insurance.

Cavemen, ducks, lizards, dogs, camels, chickens, men, women, everything has been used to pass off some small thrifty message across seemingly every streaming show, every magazine page and every banner ad.

30 Rock discussed it five freaking years ago:

But that was even before the five second ads in front of YouTube videos or the camels exhausted by rubes screaming about hump day.

So, some devious bastard thought it would be a great idea to smash all of the commercials on the same video, probably just to see at what point the average person's eyes start to bleed.

Magnalux Pictures offered up their lovingly titled "Every F*cking Geico Ad Played at Once" for you're viewing pleasure, saying:

Finally, you can see every last f*cking Geico ad played at the same time, because our digital adspace wasn't bombarded enough by these things already.