I just called to say I love you

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James Corden has done some real neat things with his 'Carpool Karaoke' bit and some some great songs with talented people.

Mariah Carey joined him and so did Rod Stewart with A$AP Rocky hiding in the back seat.

That time when Justin Bieber sang in the car was probably Corden's favorite.

But for our money, this one with Stevie Wonder is the best.

Not only does Stevie keep Face Timing people and tries to drive the car, despite his blindness, but the car ride features just one of the sweeeeeeetest things that's probably ever been captured in a video taped karaoke car ride.

Stevie Wonder calls Corden's wife and sings a modified version of "I Just Called to Say I Love You". James Corden gets emotional. It's the sweetest GD thing.

Just watch it and sweetly smile to yourself.