Facebook of The Day: 'Millennials of New York' Perfectly Nails The Spirit of That Generation

'People of New York' has become a worldwide sensation. Everybody is talking about these photo stories.

But the real Facebook photo project that totally nails 20-somethings in is 'Millennials of New York.'

From man buns to Instagram and #squadgoals—this page just gets Millennials.

Here's what we can learn about Millennials from this page...

New York Millennials tell you everything you need to know about millenials and about new york
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Via NBC Lex18
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Human-shaped spirit caught on camera, or just another sh*tty, potentially photoshopped picture? These are some of the reactions via Lex 18's Facebook page so far:

NBC's Lex18 reports

"The crash occurred 5:30 Tuesday afternoon on Highway 15 near Stanton. Officials tell LEX 18 the person on the motorcycle was the only person involved and he was taken to a hospital where he later died.

Saul Vazquez, the man who took the photo, posted it on Facebook and said he took it from the cab of his truck. It has since been shared over 16,000 times in just 10 hours.

Lots of people are drawing their own conclusions about the photo, but either way it’s causing a huge conversation on social media. LEX 18 reached out to Vazquez, all he would he would say is that the photo has not been altered."