An Indian boy got an arrow shot through his poor head.
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This Indian boy had a worse day at school than you, we promise.

According to The Daily Mail:

Ritvik Ankush Tarte, from Ahmednagar, in Maharashtra, Western India, was taking part in school archery practice when he stepped into the 'No Entry Zone' and was hit by a flying arrow.

The arrow pierced the schoolboy's skull from the right and exited on the other side.

Teachers at Trimurti Pavan Pratisthan Shaikshnik Sankul school rushed him to Manik Hospital and Research Centre, in Ahmednagar, where neurosurgeon Dr Jeevan Rajput performed a craniotomy in a three-hour operation to remove the arrow.

Dr Jeevan Rajput said:...'The arrow pierced the skull on the right side in the right perianal region and exited on the left side through the parenchyma, which is the frontal lobe and in very close proximity to all-important structures. We removed the arrow and debris successfully from the brain tissue with an endoscope.

...Ritvik was soon discharged from hospital to recover at home -and intends to return to his archery classes next month.

Big ouch.

Look at his head x-rays, you can see how the arrow went all the way through.

There is at least one man who can feel this poor boy's pain:

Via ViralHog
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Apparently finding new and creative ways to pull out your child’s baby teeth is becoming a “thing.”

We’ve recently seen a dad do with his Chevy Camaro, a retired Olympian use his javelin and parrot yank one out of a boy’s mouth with its beak.

The latest stunt comes from Montana, were a boy named Calvin Stanley decided to use his bow & arrow to get the job done.

His loose tooth that was making it hard to eat, so he whipped out his recurve bow which he had been training himself to shoot.

“This is how we pull teeth in Montana!” his dad wrote on Facebook along with a video showing him firing an arrow that was tied to his tooth.

He had to try it three times before the thing finally came out, they said, and he initially lost the tooth in the grass.