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Chris Brown just can't catch a break. Despite somehow still having legions of fans and tons of money, he never quite escapes that one thing he's known for (and with good reason). So it's no real surprise that people with common sense are still highly critical of him. Now, Brown is catching heat for a dog breeding/puppy selling site that he started as his side job.

PETA, as well as a host of other animal-friendly organizations, are taking shots at Brown for breeding pit bulls and selling them at a premium price, when there are pit bulls that are in need of being adopted. Says SpcaLA president Madeline Bernstein:

There is no reason to breed and produce more pit bull puppies when there are pit puppies waiting for homes in every shelter in America.

For his part, Brown's reps have said that the puppies are not being bred and that they are the offspring of his family's dogs, and the site is now empty. Still, the internet needs a record of Brown's bad decisions, if only to create a large archive of stupidity for everyone to read.