donuts bagels gross This Everything Doughnut Challenges the Standards of Decency in the Pastry World
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The Doughnut Project in New York just posted their new creation on Instagram. It's an Everything Doughnut. They explain exactly what that means in their image description:

This is our new Everything Doughnut: Cream Cheese Glaze with Sesame Seeds, Poppy Seeds, Pepitas, Garlic & Sea Salt. 😋🍩

So... 👍 or 👎? Is this savory doughnut an affront to all doughnut principles we pastry lovers hold sacred? Will it end up tasting like a sickly sweet, slightly soggy Everything Bagel? How are we really supposed to spell it, 'doughnut' or 'donut'? These questions and many more have yet to be answered. Maybe this will become the new cronut, who knows? Only time will tell. 

Spirit Animal of The Day: Pigeon Wears Crusty Bagel, Rocks New York Fashion World
Via Reddit
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Pizza rat, milkshake squirrel and bagel pigeon walk into a bar...

And have one heck of a feast.

Redditor connierubirosa is following in the footsteps of the many recent food/animal combinations of New York City and captured this very stoic pigeon wearing a bagel on camera.

So, let's recap.

Pizza Rat

Milkshake Squirrel

And now...Bagel Pigeon

God Bless New York City.