belt whipping

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An elected member of the Imperial Irrigation District of California's Imperial Valley is under investigation after he was caught on camera striking his stepson with a belt during a game of backyard catch.

Anthony Sanchez has not been charged with anything and reportedly is cooperating with authorities.

"What's happening in the context of the video itself is certainly disturbing," said Ryan Childers, Sanchez's attorney. "We recognize that. But we need to let the Sheriff's Office have time to fully investigate the incident so all the facts can come to light."

The neighbor, Oscar Lopez, initially didn't start taping because he believes in a father's right to discipline his kid. But when "it got out of line," he hit record.

This is not just some drunk down the street. This is a guy in leadership here. He is supposed to be representing the people of District 5... I'm happy that he's been identified, and maybe they don't prosecute him. Maybe he's not found guilty, but at least it got out and somebody knows.