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image big foot fossils Did This Guy Really Find a Fossilized Big Foot Head?
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Todd May found this monstrous object while on a hike near his home in Ogden, Utah.  He believes it to be a fossilized head of a Bigfoot. May's proof is that he's seen a few Bigfoots before, giant apelike creatures, and this rock... we mean fossil... totally looks just like the monsters he saw. 

Jesse Carlucci, a university professor in Geoscience, has confirmed that it's definitely a big, weathered rock that kind of looks like a face. Despite that, May is on a mission to make sure the world knows that Bigfoot is real, and he has proof. He says the professor is wrong, and that he would see that if he looked at the "head" in person. According to May, most people commenting on his find are just jealous. He told Times Record News, "There's haters out there, other Bigfoot enthusiasts that don't like that I found something first."