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There are limits to what we can tolerate in modern, artisanal culture. The pickles are good, the micro distilleries are neat and many of the crafts are delightful in their own way.

Bindle bags might just be beyond the pale, however.

The New York Times profiled the Bindle Bros, Josiah and Dusty and chronicled their rising entrepreneurial exploits.

"We're trying to build adventures, one stick, one bindle at a time," Dusty likes to say, referring to the famous hobo accouterment he and his older brother make and sell in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

As their business card states, the Bindle Brothers specialize in "locally-grown, naturally-fallen, artisanal bindle bags." In doing so, they are reviving an item not seen since the days of Steinbeck, when itinerant farmhands and rail-hopping hobos known as "bindle stiffs" made sacks to carry their meager belongings around the country.

Already, the Bindle Brothers have been featured in a glowing video profile by Business Company magazine. In the video, Josiah, who is the chief executive officer and frequent spokesman, likens the bindle to "luggage at its purest" and explains that he and Dusty are selling not a mere stick and a sack but the promise of adventure.

Thankfully, this is all a joke. And a pretty well done one as well. They certainly capture the spirit of the waxed mustaches, monocles and DIY spirit that has spilled on our culture.

And they gave us this quote as well:

"The Giving Tree is our Bible, we just pretend that Steinbeck wrote it."