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Couple doesn't crop their photo enough in a Facebook engagement announcement.
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Crop your photos, people.

This couple thought they were letting people into their personal lives by announcing their engagement over Facebook.

But there was more to the photo than initially met the eye and their family was quick on the uptake.

Break found the slip up:

After bride-to-be Miranda announced that her man had finally popped the question, it seemed that their world could be nothing short of a fairy tale. I mean, everyone woman lives to announce their engagement on facebook it seems. Hilariously enough, that magical moment didn't really seem to be the case because Miranda had already accidentally tipped off her friends to look a little closer at the photo. She stated that her boyfriend didn't give her an actual ring, assuring everyone it will come later, which did nothing other than make people lean in a little too close to check out that ring.

And that's when everyone also started noticing the weird box in the corner.

Yeah, that box? It was a pregnancy test.

The scene played out over Facebook comments and you can easily imagine the happy bride-to-be put the pieces together.

And then, the admission.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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A young Colombian woman inserted a potato inside herself in a terrible attempt at contraception. After leaving the potato inside for TWO ENTIRE WEEKS she discovered the potato had started to germinate and grow roots. Colombia Reports claims the offending potato was removed without surgery, and the lasting effects should be psychological only.

The most shocking aspect of this idiotic ordeal is that it the Colombian woman's mother gave her daughter the idea to shove a potato inside of her vagoober. INB4 moms in the United States decide that the birth control pill gives you autism and start stockpiling potatoes.

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More than a dozen Arizona state legislators are the lucky recipients of knitted uteruses, complete with creepy endearing googly eyes. They arrived Thursday in plastic bags, accompanied by personalized letters from women opposing a state measure that would limit birth control coverage. The legislation goes to a vote next week.