norman reedus fan bite A Fan Took The Walking Dead Way Too Seriously and Bit Norman Reedus at a Convention
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During a picture taking session at a Walker Stalker Con in New York/New Jersey a fan got a little (okay, a lot) overexcited and bit Norman Reedus. Someone named Michael Bowman posted an eyewitness account on Facebook which showed up as a screenshot on the website Spoil the Dead. 

via spoilthedead

Later the woman herself posted an Instagram picture of the moment before and apologized. The Instagram account is private but a screenshot of the image and comment has been showing up in multiple publications of the story. 

via @harleygurl68

Norman Reedus did not press charges but he did respond with a picture of himself wearing a shirt that used to say "Bite Me" which he altered to say, 'DO NOT BITE ME' on his Instagram. 

Russian Man bites beer can. You're welcome.
Via Nevex.TV
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Remember when we told you about Russia running over foreign cheese with steamrollers? Well, patriots are taking that same level of nutritional nationalism to the supermarkets.

One patriot in particular, musician Stas Barestky, joined some Cossacks in a media stunt and entered a supermarket in St. Petersburg to destroy foreign made food.

Barestky knows how to destroy stuff.

The video is a little long, so here is one of the key action scenes.

Barestky's music is hard to locate because we don't read Russian too well, but here's a song put to edits of Gollum from Lord of the Rings, for some reason.

The music and the video that goes along with it might elude us culturally, but if there's one thing we can all agree on loving, it's biting things in half.