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Man proposes with a custom board of monopoly.
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For most people, couple's Monopoly probably wouldn't be the start of a long and happy life. But for these crazy kids, it just might work out.

Describing him and his now fiancé as home bodies, Justin Lebon crafted the perfect way to propose to Michal Ott, as he described to Buzzfeed:

First, he called his friend Mark Becker, an Etsy woodcraftsman, and ordered a custom Monopoly board.

Lebon crafted distinctive property names and cards relative to their life together thus far.

Supes cute.

Then, using loaded, he ensured that Ott's first roll would be a seven, landing on Chance and receiving this card.

The Luxury Tax space on the board was actually also home to a trap door with a ring underneath.

She said yes, obvs.

We only hope that they didn't continue to play the game, which would have lasted for four hours, each more tiring and frustrating than the last.

But provided they resisted temptation to play, congratulations to the happy couple.

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Donald Trump has stolen a lot of the limelight in this early race for the presidency.

Between recent nonsense like giving out Lindsey Graham's cell phone number and his social media presence, it's been like the proverbial car wreck where you try to hide your eyes but can't look away.

Wouldn't you like to take it just one step further and know what it feels like to be the Donald himself? Sure you would.

That's why the good people at Funny or Die have created a board game that incredibly reflects what it must feel like to walk in Trump's shoes and feel that perfect hair blowing in the breeze.

Forget virtual reality, this promises a truly immersive experience.