aladdin disney poll Watch Out Agrabah, The USA is Coming for You!
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A recent poll from Public Policy Polling  shows that 30% of voting Republicans in America would support bombing the fictional city of Agrabah from Disney's Aladdin

Despite sterotypes of Trump supporters and Tea-partiers, you would be wrong if you thought this was only a Republican problem. According to Public Policy Polling on Twitter, Democrats were asked the same question. 19% would support bombing Jasmine's home town. 

Sorry, Jafar, looks like the city is ours. 

via Disney

Grace Brett is the yarn bomber Scotland needs.
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Grace Brett has had it with your un-yarned cityscape.

That's why the 104-year-old joined a group of 'guerilla knitters'. The group launched a public demonstration of civil disobedience by decorating various public places in small Sottish towns with knitted, self-made crafts.

The Daily Record tells how she got involved with such a radical display of art:

Grace, who has six grandchildren and 14 great-grandkids, was the oldest of the yarn bombers called the Souter Stormers.

Among the landmarks they decorated in Selkirk, Ettrickbridge and Yarrow were a red phone box and a statue of Sir Walter Scott.

The yarn bombing was part of the Yarrow, Ettrick and Selkirk festival. And Grace helped by creating knitted balls which were hung outside shop windows.

She said: "I liked seeing my work showing with everyone else and thought the town looked lovely."

Here's a video interview of her exploits: