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Rio Olympic Highlights 2016 funny lists
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Rio was crazy busy over the weekend! Here are the highlights of what you missed:

  1. You missed the torch lighting by Vanderlei de Lima, an athlete from the 2004 Athens Olympics who had been attacked during the 2004 games during his event. No one stabbed him this time though.

  2. Giselle did a stupid walk across the stage in a shiny dress. Was it cool? No. Was it meaningful? Debatable. Was it pointless? DEFINITELY.

  3. There was a hot guy in the opening ceremonies from Tonga and he was really really shiny for no apparent reason. We are all better people for it.

  4. A French gymnast suffered the worst break during a qualifier. Ouch. JEEEEZ. Almost TOO graphic. You won't unsee this.

    Oh, wait, yeah, let's just see that one more time...

    So shiny!